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Apple CarPlay or Android auto A 28 traffic and weather on the 8th Rick McClure in the WTO P traffic center All right Michelle let's start along two 70 I two 70 where we had some volume slowdowns heading northbound through Rockville approaching route 28 and now we're starting to see that volume ease up a bit cruise we're probably preparing for the weather event tomorrow morning and I 95 looking good BMW Parkway we also started to see some volume southbound after route one 97 through Laurel and we're checking on that one Route 50 no issues reported both inside and outside the beltway two and across the base bay bridge you're a good traffic flow but we do have a wind warnings and effect for high level vehicles three lanes west two lanes east across the bay Through Virginia a 66 three 95 I 95 are all quiet at the moment We do have a crash reported in Arlington that may have a military road affected both ways near 30th street and let's take you back through the district northwest crash out down on the key bridge after M street still takes the right lane At last check And we had a report of a crash along benning road that might affect the area of two 95 We're still checking benning road northeast both ways near Minnesota avenue so response are on the way and we'll let you know what they found hopefully in our next report Is there some pump working Don't wait till your basement floods to find out visit value dry waterproofing dot com for your free inspection That's value dry waterproofing dot com.

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