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Thanks for joining us. This is Sherry Bonelli. I'm your host and this is things to do in San Diego and today with my guest and Marie Rose Thank you Marie. Thanks for having me and tell me a little bit about yourself. I'm a brand strategist. So help coaches consultants and experts. who want to grow their businesses specifically online? I help them to clarify their message. and to grow online in a way that's aligned with author vision and feels really good to them and serves their audience. So have you today because I know you work in little Italy. Although at the moment you're still love living in we're in east village village but my husband and I we've been frequent fans of the APP zillow for about three years. Now just trying to find the right place at the right time. It's you know it's that's likely going to be happening sooner than later. So what is it that you like about little Italy that you would wanna live here I really we love just the energy of the area specifically I like it's generally really clean on your super close to the bay so I love that it has the relax San San Diego Vibes still but it is still very high energy and it's not. There are a lot of tourists that come to the little Italy area eh but it's not like a touristy area if that makes sense it's there's still a lot of people who live right around here and so you almost don't know who's a local and who's a tourist wrist my husband. I joked that sometimes you could tell the tourists by what they're wearing or if they're like looking at him out trying to point things but it's not a tourist area per se so how wiz transportation here. What would you recommend people? They're going to Come here on vacation. They're gonNA come here on vacation if they want to. Stay specifically like downtown town. I would say. Don't you run A car. It's one very very close to the airport. That's also one of my favorite things about living downtown. It's ten minutes less than go to the airport. So you could easily get an uber or lift for less than probably less than ten dollars here and then if you plan to hang around downtown town a great option is just to rideshare wherever he planned to go or if you're open to scooters with their scooters maybe there's tons of scooter scooters and they've done they've really tried to contain them as well so they're not like Lang- everywhere they have scooter parking spots now and Honestly won't let you close out unless you park in one of those scooter parking parking spots and then And so you're also not at risk O of like if you're on the sidewalk you're not gonna get hit necessarily hit by scooters. I mean no guarantees. But they've widened the lanes here downtown to accommodate for more people riding scooters. So how do they charge for the scooters. 'cause I haven't quite done it yet and I wasn't quite sure you know. I think it's an APP that you get on your phone. So there is some of the popular ones are like bird and line and then now lift and I think Uber. There's there's four five six different kinds hindes so you download the APP of your choice and then you put your credit card information and just like you would with getting an uber lift right and then you pay based on the distance that you're going however we have noticed recently that we think they may be charging flat rates. I Pacific distances. But we haven't really looked so that. How much would that be if you're going downtown to little Italy so little? Italy is technically considered downtown. Bite if you're going to like we're all the tall buildings are I guess You know I don't know more like core Columbia area to three dollars. Oh it's the most the most expensive ivory paid from my place to little Italy. which is maybe it's like a mile is five dollars okay? And that's I think they were testing out some of those slap fees at the time so and so then. The train is right here to right the coaster. The coasters right here so you can. It's really easy to get up to North County. I just took the coaster actually for the first time I've been here for years. Moved here from the Midwest by been here for years and That was the first time I took. The coach was last weekend and it was so easy I mean from here to Sauna. Beach was less than a half an hour and we honestly were like. Oh we're here already so easy and a great ride and fun because you're able to see the ocean for a lot of in. It's Nice so if you're driving driving down from somewhere else how was parking here. Parking can be rough. And maybe you even want to speak to this little bit because you just found parking. I mean a lot of times. I'm either ridesharing or get dropped off at the office or walking. I have to say it's it's usually difficult. I've been to little Italy about three or four times in the last month and a half and every time I'm like oh no I've got to try and find parking. There are parking lots and I know that you had said that if you go downtown more that there's a lot bigger lots and is your to find the parking garage. Take those scooter or something over here right right so you almost are better off just finding a great parking surrounding area. That's you know less than a mile out and then just either getting a scooter or having nice walk through the the bright side is it's a great place to walk around. Yes so lots to see and I will say that to find street parking. I just experimented with this yesterday morning. Might a friend for coffee at seven. Forty five a M right here. Aaron literally like the Center right in front of the Piazza which will talk about it. I mean I'm sure and there was some street parking like to our parking so in the morning not so bad once it gets to be about ten eleven. Am All the way into the evening. Pretty tough how about hotels or our places to stay. What would you recommend so kind of depends on budget and the amount of people staying? So if you're a large family that's coming I would really recommend looking in a neighboring neighborhood. One great one being bankers health hell so bankers will still very very walkable from little Italy. My parents just recently came out to visit and they stayed and loved it they were. They stayed in Bangor Hill and walked through. I will say one thing to be mindful of if you're super super light sleeper is page two reviews of wherever GONNA say whether it's AIRBNB or the hotel about how loud the airplanes are because little Italy is so close to the airport. Airplanes fly overhead. So something just be mindful of my parents. They stayed in Bakersville literally right on the flight path. So you know. Clean was literally landing like less than a quarter mile from where they were and it says flying overhead and they said that they were woken up to the first two mornings around six. Am and then after that they slept right through it. So bring your plugs s S. at the you don't mind that but bankers will have a lot of airbnb options. That would be awesome for larger families. If you're saying just a few nights and you want a more of a hotel experience there's Hotel Republica I think it's I think it's Republica and then brand new one. That's names already escaped me. Even though I just a sociopath both the Sofia Sofia's anymore downtown I do not have had People that I know staying there and it is. It's nice and it's it's a very close walking distance. It's another one that there's a brand new one that just got built and it starts with a C. O.. We'll put that in the show. Yeah we'll put it in the show and but they've got a lot of different great amenities. I've walked AH. I've not had anyone that I know of have stayed there but I've walked past it multiple times and seen the amenities and it looks very nice and I think fairly typical all one hundred hundred twenty dollars maybe up higher towards the weekend type of rates so are there places to stay in little Italy or is it just more expensive is what you're saying I'm can be more expensive and especially if you're going to airbnb route is it's going to be more expensive. Because a lot of them are larger condos that you'd be renting in Bakers Hill. They're more options ends airbnb wise. And I've done research on this with my parents before so I've seen it. They're just don't tend to be quite as many and a lot of buildings in little Italy. It seems like maybe have restrictions Chins on being able to Airbnb your place. So Bankers Hill is going to be a good option. If you want to go to airbnb route or maybe you're traveling with a larger group and you want more of a house that I can probably find something like that and Bakers Hill much more easily than you would be able to find for a little Italy little in little Italy. Though there are several hotels that are nice. He's fairly affordable. It just depends if you're you know if you've got four kids and trying to sleep everybody it can get that can price can increase pretty quickly. Okay and binker so you would say that. That's pretty safe. Oh yeah okay. Great how about shopping. What would you say the shopping is like round here? Lots of local boutiques and really great kind of art. SEGER shops around here. You're not gonNA find any big box stores and little Italy that's for sure That would be more mission valley area but in little Italy lots of great boutiques firth fashion and even home decor things like that on. There's a few little touristy shops that are around but I'd say the majority is really local local business owners to Cuba boutiques great places to get gifts and then Live music I know live. Music is such a big deal and it seems like you know the way. The Piazza here is that. Tell me all about the live music and let me let let me out bridge the gap here. 'cause I definitely should have mentioned when we asked about shopping. I didn't know if we would get to this later. But the farmer's market every Saturday is huge. It's like what people know little Italy for is is the Machado and it's I think it spans four maybe five blocks. I should know this come almost every single weekend and there are also lots of great local vendors beyond just food related things. So there's food you could come to eat. You could come to shop to make something to eat. You could come to shop for all sorts of different goods. I think the ring that I'm wearing is from From the farmers market so they've got all sorts of different goods and lots of music they have live music on almost every block during during the farmers market. which is amazing and then on Saturday evenings in the Piazza the majority of Saturday evenings they also have live music and other nights throughout the week but I know Oh pretty consistently they have live music? And the Piazza that's free. You just come and hang out and it's awesome and then music box if you want more of like a concert type of field music boxes. Oxygen Really Great Intimates Concert venue that that tends to attract a lot of I wouldn't say bigger bigger name but you know people need to hear on the radio. So how close is it to water being here right on basically on the water. I think I've ever actually seen the I mean I guess I have driven down the highway but like what is there right by the water. Anything Waterfront Park would be something that's right by the water and that's a great place if you got kids and they want to. They need to burn off some energy Waterfront Park is really great for that. There's an awesome playground and it's just very relaxing area so that that is right up against the Harbor Arbor. If you want more of like you WanNa spend a day at the beach you really close to you bet ten minute drive from Coronado or about a ten to fifteen minute drive live from like Pacific beach or somewhere that you could get those of each day. You're not gonNA necessarily be able to have a beach day right and little Italy but you are right on the the the base cell so this is exactly the reason why we have guests on the show. I'm in San Diego but I'm forty five minutes away so when I get down here I have no idea what's going on Yup all right. so how `Bout wineries and breweries would you like so as you know kind of what we were chatting before I mentioned. I'm not the best for beer because I am gluten intolerant but but I do have some reference points for that but I'll chat line I because that's actually going to tonight. CARUTH sellers is my favorite place. They've got A winegarden here in little. It'll it'll have three different locations throughout San Diego but they have a wine garden location in little Italy so the wineries located up North County but they have this. You know it's tasting room field but they've got this great garden. Venue that super relaxing. Great date spot. Or if you're coming with you know like a couple's trip great spot to go. There's also oh an wine house which is really awesome like intimate cute. I would call it like it's very cute. It's feels like your in house there and then poly or polly they wind company Not sure you pronounce. That has more of kind of a modern upscale. Feel to it where they've got this nice rooftop seating and that's also a great replace. That tends to be really popular like Saturday afternoons all right and so then breweries. Your husband goes to the Burris. Yes well I've been with him plenty of times So ballast point is right. Here so bows point is San Diego based so that's a given and I've been there plenty times. They have like little private outside lied. Patio cubbies almost if you put your VIP at a club. But it doesn't feel like that but kind of like that. Where I've been there? People had birthday parties. And they've I don't know if they've rented or just claimed that in advance so it's kind of Nice but they have outdoor area indoor area full menu. Everything they do have wine if you're not into beer. So which is what I had. So but then there's also bolt brewery which tends to be really popular. I have not personally been there but it's always happening over there so zoom..

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