ONE, France, Sharon discussed on asymmetrical haircuts


Grab as the one we were the victim of like atrocities of the nazis Those are the kind of the crime the icc should prosecute and of course it's not as so he's always this approach that we are the victim and therefore we can not the perpetrator and then if we tried to see israel as a traitor. Then it go back to being not semitism to go back the victim framing so this is another kind of argument which is very strong because the ministry of for enough on its facebook. I dunno. I receive it in france so i saw it in french. And you can really see the image of auschwitz. You know of The the nazi camps. And then you have those statements so it's an emotionally they use picture and you know they use. It's a very strong. They of course they will not show picture of palestinians behind by they use This picture of auschwitz for on positioning and what's interesting in. What sharon says is that these different attacks actually showed that israel is still somehow in the game. it hasn't completely decided to destroy the court head on so we asked both yell. And and sharon is there a chance that the israeli authorities will actually start cooperating with the court well. I think it's clear that formerly the government is not going to cooperate. And i think that's even being said by government. It's even if they hadn't it's unclear because any formal cooperation is in some sort of implicit acceptance of legitimacy of the of the process of things decision and this is something that the government of israel commodity or to do that does not mean that it might not conveyed messages through third parties of talk extensively americans that were submitted with To requests under article ninety three the question of their state of palestine. What is stemming tori. Some of these americans story. I probably prompted by the government without detracting. From from the authority. Responsibility of those submitted directly whether israel will impose sanctions on the icy sea as the us. Osama i don't know Does not have the power that the the us does. Not much of the us has the power that the us plans to have but of But it does raise interesting questions if we do not know if the state is not call rates with regard to its own Potential indictee would cooperating providing information about palestinian. And i think here the use of third parties would would probably be simplest so so i don't expect to see any direct involvement by the government. So sometimes you very open cooperation and sometimes we have you have unofficial coporation okay so when we saw the un factfinding mission. So it's not the acc the goldstone funding mission of two thousand and nine or the professor schabas. One of two thousand and fourteen so officially israel was not cooperating. The the the the committee was not allowed to come in. But unofficially they were cooperating..

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