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Right a lot of Americans don't know this today but when you have cell service in the city it may be a Nokia city for that carrier or an Ericsson city for that Kerrier if you go outside of that city you got to lose some dropped calls because to your point it's not inter connected in the same way that it's going to be well we virtualize this and there are big U. S. companies from Qualcomm to Cisco to small start ups that can get right into the game because you don't need to start up costs of building out in manufacturing bespoke hardware the case the administration makes is that Huawei is not secure is virtualisation secure bend yes the virtualize network made by trusted vendors he's going to be secure so that means while away the T. E. the company that you know basically have people who work for the people's Liberation Army working in building this equipment arm can be part of that secure virtualized software based part of the networks and software does not have a back door in it because if it did you'd find it did with it would you would find it in the code so are the Chinese planning to penetrate our software as well or is that impossible for them I think we can secure from that for that reason other issue right now when this wall what years deployed it doesn't come out of the box as plug and play particular in rural America what happens is what we will send engineers from Beijing out into rural America to install these devices and write the code for these bespoke boxes we have no idea what is going on when that takes place and that's why some of the steps that the U. K. is taking which is to report to screen some of these boxes before they go to the network doesn't work because everything as it is a bespoke set up by Chinese engineers you cannot vet Whitman before you let in your network when it come to this wall we hear in the reason why that's important Brandon is because he believes five G. they will basically be linked to everything your toaster your front or your car your pacemaker that means China can suck up a lot of data the world's data and it can manipulate those five devices so for instance you can unlock your front door you can drive your car off the cliff edge setter and etcetera etcetera that's the reason why five G. is so important yeah we take action because we've seen some conduct already we've been publicly reported there is traffic that was originating in LA going to Washington DC and I got re routed through Guang Jo China not the most direct route if you're trying to go from LA to Washington DC so there are a lot of trouble some signs up to some public some not public that we deal with in the skiff that led us to take the steps to combat the threat that Huawei and ZTE post Brendon cars a commissioner of the FCC virtualisation it's a fancy word for a lancer to the five G..

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