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You can't hold more than seven cards. So if you draw more than seven cards, you have to pick what you want to discard whereas fungi is like, no, no, no, no, no. If you've got eight cards in your hand is you cannot even pick up anymore stuck with what you get. And so here's the thing you have this growing discount pile in the middle way. If on your turn, you decide not to pick up any of those mushrooms. Just keep walking grows up to about four and then it resets it would be great if you could just go through that discount pile and pick the one that you most need an attitude hand and throw the rest of way you come. It's like, do you have all of that pile of whatever size is. Right now all you have none of it because the rules about mushrooms, strict. And so it does become this game very tight. You do start having to calculate your moves ahead and trim workout while you're might do as you pointed out when we were playing this thing of, oh, you know, I should have been paying attention to what he was collecting because as like four of these cards in the deck and has my Ponant just seized two of them. Meaning icon make a set, but I might still want to deny my opponent has lice memory element where I dislike games where I can conceivably memorize everything that goes in the discount pile benefit me because it's like if I can do it, I kind of have to, whereas fungi there are too many kinds of mushrooms, mushrooms. It's very difficult to like visually very distinct. So it's got the nice thing. You're never going to remember everything that's in the bin, but you can go with your gut of like, all right, thank you. Lot of these back in the game box now. So I probably wouldn't pick up that set and probably a wrong or you're right, but my favorite sort of, you know, like when a key tons of. Lakhan kicking in your head and you go get it. Now, my favorite mechanic in that I think is the butter insider because butts are inside. It can be added to any set to make steel which is a maze ING. But you're only allowed because of rules in the mushroom society. You're only allowed to add butter to your pan. If that set is like four or more mushrooms, which is really hard to guess. So butter, you'd think I can go in any set. I'm definitely always going to pick up butter, but if you just sticking skewering butter out trees and putting in your basket, you are then making a bet with the game and saying, I can definitely make a set of four and also that butter is another space in your inventory that is now taking. Exactly, that's it. And you can occasionally, I mean, if you want to you sti- with one pan and then if you want to cook more dishes, you have to collect mole pans, put those down. You can also collect baskets which increase your handling, which are amazing, which it's so helpful. But I mean, oh my goodness. My goodness. Oh my goodness, everything you pick up, you know. Matters. And if you do pick up a pan, you've got to put that down later to just get out of your invention because you only have so much room and the amount room that you have been really, really Hindi you. If you're just callous about your choices, it's just really clean and it is tight. Yeah. Mean not very complicated, but you know, with a lovely fame, lovely gamely balanced like, oh, it's good, isn't it? I can see why it's had several print runs now. Yeah. So if you were looking for a small to play, Kagame feel collection. That's fungi. The one thing I found about it that was quite annoying is at the end of every one of your turns you have to to the discard pile dealer, a new car, potentially throw away the discard pile on you just go pile. I did feel it was quite sort of Hansie when it came to like just doing upkeep on the table. It's a very small criticism. Does you know it when you're dealing with games that are so often supposed to be completely smooth experiences? It was something that you know..

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