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Up Jin reminding you podcast since twenty thirteen. Give joy away. Big. You know what? Raven in friends white. Hey, everybody. Welcome to another installment of rant everywhere. Yemeni friends. We just going get right into it. Pat Brown is in the building. I have grabbed everybody on insta- live. Are other the. Yeah, I like when they excited. Yeah. How you been Pat? I've been good you say that we like we having hang hung out. Just last night. Just what eating Swedish fish in television. Yes. Why still gotta treat you like, a guess. Respect, even though my respect on put a little bit of respect on it. You know, speaking of that Toni Braxton Bergman broke up. No who. I still don't even know how she found Birdman try to act like they had a friendship. I think the window was open, and sometimes it happens. Right. The birth. She called the bird flu over. No. You know? I said, you know, I mean, maybe you don't. I think the issue I have is once I Liga tug kiss another nigga in the Mt. I'm good, dude. We can't be together. Right. And I'm saying because I can't be competing with women and men I got already got a wide pool. I got to compete with. And then you throw in Dixit a mix. I always thought that they got together on a purely. I won't she went broke thing. And he rips people off, and so they was gonna try to figure out a way. Well, how how do I rip people? Also, I won't ever go broker, right? Yeah. Well, she'd have been better off when she went broke for the fourth time fifth time would I don't Toni Braxton either knows the bankruptcy laws. Mark thing is how do you? Keep going bang. Grunts. Like like Oprah said, why are you buying Gucci civil where our overs at our have Gucci overs like bits, I'm billionaire have Gucci's. So I I understand by Gucci silverware. Because you know, I have a shopping problem. Do I ever I have Shabbir problem? I will buy Gucci silverware. But I also will shop at the bargain.

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