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Would mix it with squash and different things Greiner Nathan that provides their whole garden in their whole food process. So what what you would do is instead of growing Cornyn rose, you'll grow and cut and clusters, and and my friend Gary luxury I forget how he says it, but there's here plant in one for you one for the crow one for the raccoon. I mean, you got to put like five seeds in the same hill. You know? So he grill these little clusters of corn instead of growing Rosa corn. And then in between your clusters of corn. You could grow here in the valley, an easy thing to do would be baby watermelons cantaloupe, or if you like squashed squashed and let those vines trail all underneath the corn. And it'll do really well together. Go I plan on at the same time. You definitely plant them at the same time. And you know, really you can plant them. We kind of fun. I had a friend. Joe an older Italian fellow that grew wonderful watermelons out and Chandler. And you know, Joe always said you plant the watermelon seed, and when it's warm enough, they'll come up. So if you get your garden all prepped right now, and you get the seeds end sometime between now and about the middle of February. They'll come up what it's time. And when the soil gets warm enough, they'll come up, and they'll grow pretty fast, and they go right up together. Okay. Currently we have. Does and we have peppers in there. Do we just let them grow and get choked out or should we pull them out? No depends on how much rookie. Have you space them out and co mingling dogs and cats can live together. So can you know peppers and tomatoes and? Okay. Great. Thank you very much. Thank you Bye-bye. Oh, that's music starting and that means it's time for the news here. And we'll find out what's going on. What's happening? What's new and what's exciting? In the meantime, we have some open minds, folks..

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