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Face now. Thank you, Alex Tottenham three to the semi finals of the European Champions League. After a dramatic away goals. Win the Manchester City leading one nil from the fest like Tottenham's four three defeat on the night was enough to advance with Thai ending four four on aggregate. It was a frenetic stop full goals in the first eleven minutes and V A R had a big say on the game, including in the very last moments. When Rahim studying foot heat struck cities winner. Well, the referee still talking away. So the goal has been given yet not just a city. Three is giving the signal. The wreck. The Coles ruled. What incredible drama same Manchester City's quadruple hopes over a difficult night for their party stuff that if the in the moment, you know? Last two year, we are close to through and after the action. So he's crew. But where is to accept it? As for Tottenham manager purchase. Tina, this was a night to savor stuff.

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