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Welcome back to caviar tonight. Right. Kobe with you on a Monday another weekend of NFL action in the books and a forty Niners win to talk about here on Monday. When she just know they beat the Broncos and what was a critical game for Denver. As far as their playoff hopes. Go in the AFC so gonna break that down talk a little NFL with the man that you hear on the pre and post game show. Dennis Brown, candy are analyst and of course, Super Bowl champ with the forty Niners. Dennis what's up, man? How are you? It's amazing. How much better Monday after a win? Man. I'll be damned. I mean, we we've seen the other side of this for a long time and just three game losing streak. And I thought they needed to win for a lot of reasons. But especially considering the way they lost the last two weeks in Tampa in Seattle. It was the first time. I'd really started to hear questions asked about are these guys in over their head our guys landed on the line, you know, whereas the compete level at and I think yesterday answered a lot of those questions about what kind of grasp Kyle Shanahan has on that locker room. And you know, Kyle Shanahan kinda kinda served notice about weeks ago saying to all the guys that I'm sure he was talking to the guy, then two coaches. Who's gonna show up who's going to be the guy moving forward two thousand nineteen season is going to be a part of this because you know, to be told he's gotta be there. You've got a six year deal. He's got to be there. I think John Lynch is gonna be there. Of course, it is who's going to be the support staff, and I think a lot of guys a lot of young guys really stood up and answered the call, and they went out they played really well, and they competed, and this was this was not a Denver team that you know, the defense is kind of questionable especially the secondary passers definitely not questionable. But you know, this is a team that had a lot on the line. I mean, they're fighting or playoffs awhile carpet and some of these young guys really went out and played super. Well. Yeah. Talk about Nick Mullins in his performance. I think Nick Mullins based on everything we've seen so far. That's a serviceable NFL backup in my estimation. He's got that moxie. I think he needs to work on his pocket presence. Just a little bit feeling that rush. He got hung out to dry a couple of times pass protection. Particularly from the running back position. But talk about Nick Mullins, did we learn anything more about him yesterday. And I mean where where do you see this guy's potential as far as a career in the NFL? Well, you know, it's the NFL is so crazy. I mean, it it really is that what it's done for me lately. Two weeks ago we were saying big baller plan like a third string quarterback. But yesterday, he played up to a high level. I mean, he he was even making. I mean, the big thing about Nick, Nick Mullins is folks say that his arm strength is not there. He was making some throws to the perimeter yesterday. And I was impressed with that. You talk about his pocket presence. I think it's offensive line is really stood up. They've given him a very comfortable pocket. We all know, Nick bones gets the ball out fast. Defense. But we did yesterday that that impressed me the most he was able to find mismatches. George kiddo had a record setting day because he saw the man coverage. And he knew exactly where George kiddle was able to get him one on one with some of those those linebackers, and we're gonna dominate their time. And also Dante Pettis he's able to see the man coverage and just knowing your receiver. He's getting a little bit gel with redundant Dante Pettis, and he understand if he's out there, and you got a one to one with a with a get that quick move inside and back outside. He's gonna be wide open with that separation. So I was impressed with the way. Denver's defense. And then you know, he was sacked a couple times. But you know, they got some pretty decent outside pass rushers. But I I was impressed. I think I think at this stage right now, you know, we really need to think about who's going to be the back of next season. It's gonna be interesting during training camps. Susan citizens who's going to be the backup. She's going to be a serious. We know. Jimmy garoppolo's going to start a quarterback course healthy. Now, it's all about who's going to back them up down moments is gonna earned the right to fight for that second second quarterback position. Oh, absolutely. No. I I definitely think. So I mean CJ Beathard had his moments, but then kind of plateaued, and we almost saw regression Nick Mullins. It would be hard to replicate that I start against the raiders where it was just pinpoint. But I mean, the raiders look like a junior varsity team out there that night. But then you know, he's had some flashes. Even up in Seattle where you know, a lots of quarterbacks go up there and have a tough afternoon. I think he showed a little something something even if those worse some kind of empty calorie yards and then coming home yesterday after a couple of tough games beating a team fighting for a playoff spot with that pass rush. I thought you nailed it though, recognizing that man coverage knowing where the weaknesses in the defensive are entrusting that that all comes from Kyle Shanahan and the play designs. And I thought he implemented it very well. You've talked about Dante Pettis and I love the route. He ran on the touchdown. And he saw he was manned up that little cut inside. And then outside that's not a particularly easy throw to make. No because you've got to kind of drop it in the bucket. You know? And I thought he did that I see Pettus really grown into this role. And I think forty Niners fans, you know. I gotta understand me. He's a burner and he sustained a knee injury early in the year, which sent him back. But now four touchdowns last three weeks forty dollars traded up to get this guy in the second round. Let me ask you this. We talked about this a little bit on the pre-game show yesterday. Dennis. The number one receiver is a guy that can get you. You know, five to eight catches a game pretty consistently. You can throw them in any situation. And he's, you know, good for you know, somewhere between eighty to one hundred catches a year. Do you see that kind of ability for Pettus, or is he going to be more of a speedster guy? And maybe get you more like sixty catches a year, but they're going to be of the long variety. Well, I think first of all I think he's a talent. I think he's shown you know, he is or that second round pick. I mean he was injured early in the season with a knee injury. Now, he's fully healthy getting reps in practice. He's getting a lot of reps with his starting quarterback, Nick Mullins, and he's got to kind of grown into the physician out. Dante, you know, he he's young per year guy. He's got getting a weight room. He's gotta go. Look, more durable. You gotta you'll be dealing with some physical defensive backs. But he's still he's got that foot speed. And I think he's the I I still think the forty Niners eat a big play or a big receiver a guy like in the red zone that you can kind of an alley you too. And we can just dominated defensive defense facts. I think Dante Tennessee is gonna be a guy that you're gonna use the exit of wide receivers, you know, just just an opportunity to give him more 'isolation more one on one we can use that foot speed that quickness off the line of scrimmage because what what do you put the backs wanted to do is kinda rear? Vouches defensive back a decent decent defensive back. They wanna Janika line of scrimmage. Make you reroute. Your routes Dante Pettis has -bility to to kind of boy Dak with these quick feet that quick step inside and back outside. And he creates that separation. I like Dante is a big play guy. If marquees Gutman comes back next season. I see him. I've seen him both kind of being the big play guy. Resi Dante's Dante Pettis the kind of guy that you want to get in the middle. You know, what that separation dropped their born yesterday that he had nothing, but green grass if gets he gets a ball in oaken space because he separates that he gets that separation from defensive backs you're going to be a true threat, but he's getting the weight room. Get some pounds on him because you know, NFL, you know, your body gets pounded new defensive backs kinda wanna pound receivers on the line of scrimmage. So you just gotta get bigger gotta get stronger. And I think he's kind of understanding what his role is right now. I think this all right now is just to get open. I mean, use that athleticism and get open if you're one on one recognized one on one quarterback to recognize these wanna once and he's to get some space between him and that back, and it's going to be a big question. Yeah. He's he's got big playability written all over. And that's for sure. Yeah. You're right needs to bulk up and man if they could get that legit number one receiver. I think they got all the other pieces in place, by the way, we're talking to Dennis Brown on kmby already night. Ryan Kobe with your joining us on the gas line in another big time piece of that offense, George kindle my goodness. I just like he's born to take it to the house. He's explosive. I just I feel like this is just such a homerun pick for John Lynch. I know he's been much maligned for some of the draft picks that haven't panned out. But I think definitely George kills a guy we're celebrating. And I mean, you know, who's supposed to cover this guy. What the linebackers? He can he can out muscle. Those guys outrun them. And then the the the corners in the safeties. I mean, forget about it. Like, you're not gonna tackle that guy. When he gets in the open field killed to me just seems like a match up nightmare from the guy that played defense at the NFL level. How would you? How would you tell one of those guys how to go about bringing him down? Hey, I mean, you saw your credit cover George kettles. You gotta get a draw slack. And I think he he caused three cents penalties yesterday. I mean, he's he's one of those guys. I mean, I guess if you look at this guy he can't be that fast. Look like, I mean, he doesn't have that that bulk what you're saying. He's gonna balk me the line of scrimmage, but he doesn't both very well. I mean, he's he's great on the run. And then if he gets if he gets open, which she's gonna get open if he's one on one against a linebacker linebacker can't cover them back is not physical. Up to cover them. But what he catches the ball. I mean, this cat. I mean, I was watching him yesterday on that thing. I was just like he is fried in there. I mean, he was running. I think actually that that scary speed. It's like, wait a minute. Is he running pass me? Just tidy and running past me. So he's an athlete, and you know, he's, you know, cowshed ahead again, great play calling them by count Shanahan getting the opportunity space spaces the opportunity to get the ball. And I mean yesterday was a first of all I couldn't believe my man didn't get you know, that last four yards in the second. You get not one pass on to the second half. I thought that was that was really at play. You know, if you try to cover him, you know, because he's an athlete, and he he's a physical guy you're gonna draw penalty on decent. So, you know, you're going to see a lot more more one on one. A lotta bracket on him. It's going to be like a garage situation. But you know, again, he's a guy that can get a whole lot better feeling so high get his button weight room stand it now, you know, he's going to be a problem. And now they're gonna start kind of game plan in here. I'm, you know, your your your coverage is going to be kinda towards him. You know bracket of hammer double team in him or coverage is gonna move to him. But you know yesterday. It was interesting because you know, any decent claimed to forty hours you understand that your skittles a big part of it and still they couldn't defend them yesterday. So he's a he's a true talent. I think it's a hit on him. And he's got that savvy to I mean, he walks around his chest out, and he's very confident. And that's what you like to see especially in a tight end tight end. You know, you gotta be able to block and you've got to be able to catch and run. And he's got it. All yeah. Man. He looks like he's having a blast out there too. And you're right. He does got that swagger about him Denison. You know, there's that fine line in the NFL between. Arrogance and confidence, and he just walks that line and as long as you go out there and back it up and make plays on Sunday. I got no problem with that stuff. Endzone dances. It's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be entertainment. So I got no problem with it. As long as you're going out and handling it. Hey, DJ read had himself a monster day yesterday. Now, I don't always like the fact that a safety leads my team in tackles. But at the same time he was getting up at the line of scrimmage twelve tackles had a sack forced a fumble. He was part of that committee. That did a terrific job on Philip Lindsey who by the way came into the game leading the NFL in rushing yards per carry and the forty Niners shut him down to the tune of just over two yards of crack..

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