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You know even. I mean of the guys who have been sort of like kind of in on the maybe getting to the bottom of joy. Doyle's murder completely shunned him. Doll talks to him. Don't want anything to do with him. Call him a canary column etc. But then once he gets his ask kicked by the communist party by john friendly and his cinder like a little already to stand with you. Now all you gotta do is walk and we'll follow you in as just like this blind faith that he's longshoremen are showing think is completely true. Dimensional where it's just like okay. Well if we don't have this dictator we're going to go with this other guy who is just oppose the dictator. It's just so weird. It's so weird. I think. Richard upon something it of this guy. This other filmmaker who during the guy lindsay anderson. He's most famous for making this movie with malcolm mcdowell. If his kids like that one yeah well back back in the fifties. He was running a magazine in england. And he said the ending of the film whether consciously or not is basically a fascistic that And i assume that he's referring to the elements that she's talking about this sort of strong man complex. The longshoremen seemed to have rang. I was thinking the same thing there. I think that the people tend to think of elephant in the room is the hugh extra. The elephant in the room at the end of the movies really sill in some ways. It's more of an argument in favor of fascism or communism in that like there's a strike at the end of the movie like they're standing up to the head of the factory the head of the head of the committee in some ways it's sort of. It's sort of pro worker. I mean choline off the fascist point. I was like the end of this. Movie is a lot like petro which we saw your pretty recently which is a very fascist ending to a movie but Yeah i completely agree with that. Very very opposed to hitler. But hitler loved the film so i mean he took the same one definitely read into the same. Want to politicize this. You know the version of it. You know what i mean. The under tons of a political at the end after the entire whole point of the movie was for him to testify. You see it's just like a fascist guys analysts pro union and we want give us union. We're not only you're just like okay. This is communism this executive i was. Yeah so what are you really saying. Yeah to me. It seems like the end of the movie is supposed to be analogy. Gory for like the stations of the cross which obviously doesn't reach me as someone who's not religious based on the berry stuff earlier in all that it seems to me like they're clearly making at least implicit comparison to few to jesus with with various conclusion. Which is sony solid political and religious tones throughout to where they become extremely entangled in..

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