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Hub. All right, music of the game, even though it's not music. Brought to you by live nation. It's a comedy show. Don't miss Louis black off the rails, Thursday, march 10th at the capital center for the arts and Friday March 11th at the Emerson colonial theater get tickets tomorrow at 11 a.m.. Or is that technically today Friday? At live nation dot com as Lewis black. Very funny man. Shaw's patriots postgame show Jim Mary Jo Murray last segment here at Greg Minnaar to Boston sports journal, Boston sports journal dot com. Let's go to Sean and wester who wants to talk about the tough schedule ahead for the Patriots after tonight's win over the falcons. Go ahead, Sean. Hey guys. Actually two things, I thought back to those. I think the intersection that he through, it was more AJ Terrell passing off Nikhil Harry and going to a Giotto where if he had Joseph held him, he would have had Nikhil Harry wide open. But that's neither here or there. But the ex four games to me is the season because what does this seem really made of? Do they played well with the stress between the brows and the Panthers and the chargers, but this, but I want you to see you go up against presumably the best team in the AFC in the times. And then a team that has more talent than you, but can you and has slept you last year? Could you prove that is that an anomaly or is there a changing of the guard of the AFCs? Thanks, Sean. At the very least, Greg, they should be more competitive contests, right? I hope no question. I mean, I think, especially I think the Patriots at least defensively are at the point where they're going to bembo don't breaking play really good red zone defense against just about anything. You know, like I said, I think I really want to see what they do against the bills, offense, which has quite frankly been underwhelming. This year, partly because they don't run block very well, and they don't run the ball very well. But I think that the Patriots are so in tune to what they're doing and what they're good at that they'll be able to hold opponents down. The offense, you think is going to be able to run the ball and Mac will make enough plays in the passing game. I mean, I don't see them being outclassed by any teams. And look, they shouldn't be. They imported so much talent this year that it would be it would be an upset or at least it would be upsetting to patriots fans. If they weren't better, just because of the upgrade that they've had in talent. So I think they're much better at this point. I have no doubt at this point that they're at least going to play everybody close. I think they're still a question of will they make the winning plays to win some of these close games? And I think that's another reason why these next four games are going to be fun to watch because I think we'll get more data on exactly what the ceiling is for this team. I'm very confident going to the Tennessee game. I don't think the Titans can run the football. They've been without Henry the now two weeks in a row, they struggle, but they've won. It's been their defense that's played very well. Just looking at the Patriots secondary, Tannehill is going to throw the football. There will be no Julio Jones is still on injured reserve here, but have you seen anything different from Jalen mills? I know he had a pass interference tonight, but, you know, JC Jackson, we've seen Phillips, but, you know, do you see something like a difference in them besides maybe a pass rush that's really helped that secondary? Not really. I mean, I think that it's in my opinion, it's been mostly the pass rush of late that, you know, they're getting home more often than harassing the quarterback and even mccordy said tonight at the podium. He's like, on basically like all their interceptions, there has been some sort of pressure on the quarterback. And so they've been marrying the pressure and the coverage where I think earlier in the season there was no pressure. And I think we were asking for a while, like who else besides Matthew judon is going to generate any pressure and then bar more sort of stepped up into the breach, and he carried a lot of it, him and judon were far and away. The players were the most pressures on the team. Now I think you're getting a few more, maybe they've been able to identify some things in their scheme where teams had figured them out early on off of last season. And the last couple seasons and they've sort of, they've audible to do different things because I think they're getting more home more with pressure, whether it's Bentley or high tire or van noy. And so to me, I still don't know how good the secondary is that they're playing so much zone. Tells you they're not overly confident in the secondary and its ability to play man coverage. But if they keep getting pressure like this, they'll be able to cover anybody. More on the difference from Peter in Everett, your next year on the show's patriots postgame show. Hey, Peter. Hey, guys. Thanks for staying up so late for my call. Middle boy, happy to see weight loss. But I'm 7 as a tidal wave. They just push so fast up the middle, they're everywhere. 5 my question is to you. When they get down, the questions of Mac Jones, 7 nothing, ten nothing. Does he have the nuts to gut? To air it out. I'm not sure he does, because over the middle, I know he's been praised, but over the middle, he just doesn't it's slow. He's been good, don't get me wrong. But there are going to be games are going to be shootouts in the playoffs. Thanks for the call. It's a great question that Peter raises. And it's another one of those unanswered questions that we don't know about this team. You know, if you're a patriots fan, you're optimistic and you're like, oh, of course they'll be able to do X Y and Z, but you know, I'm more of a, you know, show me type of guy. Yeah. I wanna know, I'm not gonna just project it's easy for fans because they want to be on the positive side. So it's good for that. But for me, as somebody unbiased watching this team, I think, I think one of the big questions about this team is if they don't jump out to a lead, if they are trailing by double digits early, you know, how are they going to react how's Mac Jones going to react, let alone, you know, if they're in the second half and they're down a couple scores. Can he throw them back into the game? I think he can, I think there's some evidence from the Texans game, the cowboys game that he will be able to do it. We haven't seen him have to do it. And I think if they fall behind early, I think the Patriots are more of the ilk with this team to just stay the course, chop wood. We're going to keep doing what we're doing. We're not going to take any big shots. We're just going to keep going. The defenses is going to make a play for us. So the other team is going to make a mistake and we don't have to get out of our game. But that's another question that we could get an answer to in these next four games. And that's why, to me, it's so much fun looking ahead after especially after a terrible game like this about, you know, what's going to happen because there's so much we don't know about this team that I think we're going to learn a lot about in the next four games. We have three players returned today that didn't play last week. China Smith, whatever. About Demian Harris was fine, but when I would go to a chevsky he ran into a player, he led a punt bounce for a 62 yarder. He was three returns weren't great. I mean, was.

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