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Can listen to us on the iheart app as always and you can also say Alexa Play iheartradio play KOA NewsRadio on iheartradio on, Alexa we'll take you right. There it's very very cool I've Cory Lopez welcome back everybody. We're glad that you are, here Want to remind you that coming, up at three o'clock Saturday that is Rockies all, access that's the next time unit talk to me. We'd get to Rockies baseball tomorrow night's no primetime, sports for you but to we will be. On the air Saturday talk and. Everything that we can possibly, talk Rockies, and that starts to hours before the first pitch and they are going to. Be in Milwaukee they'll be. Game to, for Milwaukee. We'll talk with, general manager. Jeff. Branch which we always do and Tracy. Bring those be or hall of. Fame baseball writer with inside the. Seams and we will also talk with one, of the voices of, summer there from Miller park so good stuff also, for radio listeners I'm actually, on Facebook live I kind. Of gave a little behind the. Scenes tour at least the studio. We are not on the KOA one and I explained it as I, went into break for you guys to if you. Wanna find it it. Is actually my Facebook page by fan page so it's actually Lopes news sports I said. It was Cory Lopez I have a personal. One out there too but I think I'm I may be getting, to the edge of that but on my fan, page it is Lopes do sports you could search. It that way that's my Twitter handle as well, and you can find it if you want. To go to Facebook live you. Can watch and I'm doing, it this, time I'm just doing, it If I mess it up I don't want to, mess it up on the big station you know. What I mean so We're going to talk a. Little bit, more Broncos benefactor we're gonna get into it here we. May talk a little bit about the urban Meyer situation I. Mean that thing is like? A Associated Press ticker man it has. Got and I just pulled this. Over and I'm reading through it but they've got the latest. Here from, Columbus Ohio and they have Six, o five eastern time I assume and they've got. Chris Spielman speaking out, former Ohio State linebackers a lot of you probably know and said that state had no choice but to. Put urban Meyer on paid administrative leave, and it's just a it's a comment of a former player. Of. Here's or a, four or an Allama speaking out about it if you don't, know what's going on you're probably not following, college, football at all But Herbin Mayer has been put on paid administrative leave from Ohio State, investigators are now looking into what he knew about. Two thousand fifteen abuse, allegations against a fired assistant Zack Smith Meyer told reporters last week he didn't know anything about the two. Thousand fifteen allegations but Smith's ex wife, Courtney who is the victim in this case Produce. Text messages that she shared with Shelley Mayer who is, urban wife about the, incident, Dave Logan brought something interesting up on Lewis and Logan a little bit earlier Shelley Mayer who, is urban wife again works for the university so if she didn't. Talk to urban about this in the incidents and apparently there there are several incidents that have happened of domestic violence in situations there. Would. Sack Smith and his wife Courtney She is. Still as a university employee you're obligated to Say something A lot. Of contracts so that way I would, imagine this what is? This way Never mind that husband or wife, aren't talking about things, I mean that's fine I don't want, to get into that but. If she's a if she is a, an employee university it's Chapter. Report that and also if you feel. The crimes have been, committed you are obligated to report it, anyway So there's that it's really really a bad situation, I've I've got stuff ticking down here All, the, way, through students, reaction, from, students, and, things. Like that so it. Is something three zero three seven one, three eight five eight five that's our phone number, if you want to. Jump on board we are live on. Facebook where on. My page we do this, again we'll do it. On, the KOA page everything goes well But, I, will, take, comments. There we'll take phone. Calls see if the text line is, up on the other side of the glass is, Anthony Rodriguez our voice. Of God as we said he shattered. It out there I am not always familiar with the new text line that'd be orange blues tech slide memorized but I don't have. Ours so if, it's not left up here And it's not there Oh, man, no texts. Tonight everybody it's okay I was just starting to get you. Guys used. To that you'd Texan I'd get to three texts get a few more, kind of rolling through but I was actually still and how I kind of, conditioned everybody was too I was still in the orange blue text line and using that It's fine Who else. She, is I Really I think we probably only have three or four texts lines here and we have nine. Stations here in the building? So That's. Kind of the way. That that works I need, to. Learn to grab on the other side here is I grab my phone here's the problem too I'm blind to the. Bad Join. Bidding how you doing Facebook live here on, my page and we'll start doing this on KOA I know it will. Have a wider reach what it's on KOA that's another thing too I know I've got. A little smaller audience. So let's talk Bronco we Since I can't find. The text line so today for. The Broncos and I know orange blue seven sixty candidate this no tie the Palumbo who's doing a little writing with for the athlete to we're kind. Of putting together or 53-man rosters and it's still early but remember. There's not there's not. Like three cut down there was only one, after the fourth preseason. Game The biggest deal is, going to be running backs it's going to be wide receivers they've got like thirteen in camp and you're only gonna keep five or six essentially, and then you'll have. Practice squad guys but. There's gonna be some good football. Players that are going to be out there so Live to see but I think another interesting one is going to be the. Linebackers And one of the guys, who are going to hear from. Here is Todd Davis and it's not to say Todd's going to lose his job I'm not saying that. They've got some talented inside linebackers I think to on the roster that. Are pushing and I think that's the. Case in most position groups with the Broncos, there's some young. Guys that are not they're gonna come take their jobs this year But they might take their. Jobs next year and the pressures on Emmanuel Sanders had a fantastic day. This week and he's had a good. Camp anyway but he was tearing it up You don't. Think the little pups nipping at his heels haven't kicked it up a notch, for Emmanuel just a little bit I mean that's what those are the kind of guys I wanna, Mike teen guys that, feel the competition and raise their level little bit step to say that Emmanuel ever. Loped at practice but he looks good and he's going to be asked to. Do a lot of different things this year and I think. DT's could be asked to do a lot of different things so Interesting all right back, on the defensive side of things. Let's hear from Todd Davis here and again I talked to him on Tuesday that was the first day that. They had, full pads out there. You see.

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