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Built ford tough. Okay i gotta ask you. I'm gonna get to jingle jangle. But i think it's important that i asked. You would definitely part of a very large ensemble For i'm forgetting you're you're you're in tyler perry's for colored girls with damn near half of hollywood What was that. What was that whole experience like in doing that. That movie iino was interesting because most of those people we add in see till the end didn't modern see them however it was It was actually a really good experience. And i'll have to say that As far as how. You're treated on a set. Tyler had flowers Trailer every morning. When i went into work fresh rush flowers and never happened before. And i'm bed makes a difference. You know all it says. is we care. very least. You're doing so much heavy work that it kinda doesn't it uplifting always. Okay well these. I'm starting my day off with these flowers. Because yeah darn something nice. Yeah Because you you go into the ships. They retire that one But that was a really lovely thing and we shot in new york and we shot in atlanta and it was. It was pretty fast. But yeah so i didn't really get to tan. I became very close on that set. For some reason we ended up being era we ended up being connected. Two thousand nine and corina became friendly but we didn't really get to find meld and work together because it really is much of an ensemble as it was it was also you know if you know the original piece which i'm sure do monologues. Right singular stories that that Together touch each other in the corners. So but what i am grateful like that monologue such an amazing phenomenon law that i got to do in the hospital and i remember tyler one was like oh so we're gonna do this shadow nash and the other shot and i started to do it. We did a rehearsal. And then i went back to..

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