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Make this really big and we can do all these things that we've talked about doing together. And she was like cool and so that was kind of last time. I had you know corporate health insurance and we went to her apartment and for two years we built we built up into the gloss we raise money for glossy and it was in in in really like doing that. Part of editorial which digital and now digital's podcast. It's instagram all these things. But at that point it was like blogs really put you in close contact with the people who are actually reading and absorbing the shit that you're talking about magazines which three months later so you have no idea whether people are reading it and responding to it and like all the editors are fake. So i found like the real inch of meat of what's going on and beauty is happening in the comments section and what people want is right there for us to like discover in the comments like they're they're and the people were interviewing are telling us basically what they want what they wish existed and that i think was sort of like the organic way that i kind of think about like you know running a business and having a brand i will say like the actual running the running. A business part is not something that i have any experience in. And so that i think was the biggest Hurdle was kind of understanding managing people which you know. I didn't know how to do and is one of the hardest in my experience. Like one of the hardest things to do and i'm definitely not the finance guy or even like the close to finance guy but from a creative standpoint. I always did feel like i. If you stay close to the comments section like you'll stay close to what like what consumers want what you want. What people will think is interesting cool and so with necessar- to answer your question. I just felt like there. Wasn't this idea of like you know if you go into like the the body wash at a grocery store or at a drugstore. There's like you know shower like wrap yourself in the kashmir blanket of butterflies and sparkles with suave or whatever right and then. There's you literally look at the copy on an old spice body washes like slap it on and fling it off like you know what i mean like and you'll get so much pussy and i was like there has to be a brand that can speak somewhere in between the the two extremes and like i just think it's such an outdated way of talking to men or women and so the idea that my partner and i came up with was sort of a a unisex brand that just was if anyone who wanted something that looked cool and shampoo and conditioner or rather body wash body. Lotion are actually big. You know you buy them. They're bigger than like a face cream. Which is like this is like. It's physically takes up a lot of real estate in your shower so it was kind of like we thought okay. This is kind of furniture for your bathroom. That's always there so why not make it. Look cool why have it look cheesy. So that was. I was cut from like the you know what i use this. What do i want. What like what. Sort of weird things. Where i see happening in the drugstore and i know it's it's a young brand right two years little over two years. We launched in november twenty eighteen. Yeah it really came on my radar during pandemic. Like i said sort of dodging an all things new was always at the top recommendation. Everywhere i went and now we're of course hooked on it but now most it's seeing kim k. And gwyneth paltrow and knows crazy. We've reached a whole other level. So was there a turning for you where you're like. Oh i think this might stick around for a while. I'm trying to think if there was one moment. I mean like that's what i do is kind of just all i care about culture and like designed geist and and i follow it and i consume it so just always always thinking like who do i need to get this product in the hands of and it's like a it's a wide. It's a long list and a really like far wide ranging list of people. Because i thought if you can get this bizarre constellation of people talking and trying this thing i mean number one. The product kind of speaks for itself. You see like the. The challenge is getting the person the kim kardashian or whoever to like try it and once they try i i pretty sure they're gonna like it so just really being strategic about like you know it's high low it's east west. It's like all the different sort of like ways you think you can make something cool. So it's like these cool like club kids in new york who i know but it's also supermodels in. Its you know. Sports people or comedians on tiktok that i thought were cool like it was. I always kind of wanted a little bit of like variety. Which i think was the way that it like kind of became ubiquitous on on instagram. So how do you get. Then a kim kardashian who has sent everything in the world. Well i i. I'm not fulltime just advisor for necessary for not since the pandemic started actually so i can unfortunately take no direct responsibility for that. It's it's all i mean like. Here's my well. I'll give my my big tip which is sending dm's and then if they don't read the dm copying it on sending it and sending it again like once a week and copy you can send a dm. Yeah great great. This was like my old. When i was trying to get a job in media it was always like emailing once a week to follow up because at one point at some point. They're going to just like respond just to get rid of you. Maybe at that point they'll look at your resume and wanna talk but so it's been a lot of deeming and never underestimate the power of a free of of something that's free right. I'm just like just can i. Can i send you free things. And they're free things that everyone uses which is a good thing it's like body wash body lotion there so inoffensive. No one's gonna say no how that yeah exactly..

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