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Tonight on all lynn the president thirteen russians indicted for election interference robert muller lays out a grand conspiracy of russian election sabotage field the tonight what is in the indictment russians also recruited and paid real americans to engage in political activities and why what's not in the indictment could mean big trouble for the president of the day nope ipad it's pretty clear up it's all lynn's starch right now good evening from new york i'm chris special counsel robert muller just revealed yet again that we've only scratch the surface of what he and his team have discovered about the 2016 election today moeller charged thirteen russian nationals with illegally interfering in the american political process through what the russians called information warfare and various aspects of the russian social media operation of already been reported by the press in dribs and drabs the thirty seven page indictment lays out the full picture in extraordinary detail traces the different phases of the operation beginning way back in 2014 and continuing through election day what it reveals is a highly sophisticated wellfunded and vertically integrated enterprise intended to influence american voters effectively a third campaign a third campaign controlled by a kremlin ally that worked against one of the candidates hillary clinton and ultimately backed her opponent the man who is now president of the united states according to the indictment the operation began four years ago long before the election with intensive studies of different political groups active on social media in june 2014 two of the defendants traveled to the us under false pretences stopping in nevada california new mexico colorado illinois michigan louisiana texas and new york to gather intelligence later the alleged conspirators commonly referred to targeting purple states directing their efforts defendants working at a russian control foreign the internet research agency went on to create social media accounts grew pages meant to look like they will run by americans some of those efforts had been previously exposed like facebook groups like secure borders twitter handles like 10 gop which i myself had tweeted a one point what we didn't know is just how professionalize those efforts were with socalled specialists divided into daesh night shift and nightshift hours instructed to make post in accordance with the appropriate us time zone.

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