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Eleventh ahead of harassing Cosby Harrison soy Jimmy porn and violence running in the points for now. Hold on the Bank. Money or prince in the mine Hitchcock was going to be very much like it was as well in the warm full drawing volume, their their Eddie really wants. Another great result Emmanuel Brinson. Almost all vying Haycock into turn the mistakes drivers coke. As third in this championship is only one point behind the runner up position coming by minute. I wonder menu Brinson be getting past ROY Hitchcock before you're shaving up. Hang on to second place in the championship. James Cook ready. Hundred tested weekend hat trick of victories. If you put the flag out now, just Bannister is by no means done just yet offer. Second is very, very little in it. The only ones. But they are. Side of the fifty. Two second bracket both stop on the laws around James Cook fifty three zero zero. Three choices. Brinton has look at Ron Hayes. Played up flick left now through full. That's the place you can set to move up its cost yourself physician at the. He should that back in fifth place waiting to pick up the pieces if they should be any left for him at the moment, your latest James Cook and Josh Spanish. The way white clay of the rest of the chain of nearly knowing seconds by this points, pain Dylan Mellon getting close to one another four, six and seven, enjoying some good Basel's over the last few as me things have those powering the subtly trying to keep it up as well. Great to see Mason jumps and also a good results in the moment. Eight, some troubles anyone in the season, but is doing very well running in a great position at the moment. Then six hundred full of ice lead ten point, three seconds for third place, but it's old five because at the end side turn number three. Got a great run out of turn a manual Brinson. Troy's to have a look back through turned five but isn't quite enough, and he's contend with full places into third place may to me full corners. Fantastic. Sof from the number one on four set the perfectly Keiko scarves earlier ten, six, straight three. Knowing messing into that place. Boy will not be on his as they head into the came. The all in about, oh, has changed his phone that had. Had foreign head coach on the money and warm second now splitting the leading to James ahead of just Bannister buyer second now, but the big vessel is co authored by has been saying, shy, starts dot, lost. Faith. Third looks like on your Pinson once four fight, Ron Hitchcock. This holiday style on that run hits the brakes off. That was at turn. Turn five bursting down towards turns sakes, proper scrapped fall far. No physician on the roster. Mine hates At the shy. shy one say manual Brin, arguably needs it for that second place in the championship as looking priory insecure Ernie really describe movers slow e Winston chasing all my three white. They wherever you are going into turn three Ryan, hedge coke left there as late as he died on the brakes around the physician didn't get any moves made on his return. So he stays and overturns banks spend search engine place. Eddie say north contents without particular position, like three ten to gain and you and I, it's not life. Enjoy finest fifty. Two point nine, five, five closing the gap by quarter of a second still side-by-side entertained, three returns to third place. Groin needs coke. No way to respond. Manual Brinton. Try to us not to could affect couldn't point to remains in fifth place, but through turn seven, eight hundred eighty eight. Say back into third place expression. The gloves are off. Comes to mind. Now for this for the final will stream position just got get through traffic, tie destroyed Campbell as one of them on the inside idea might just might this work closed as they come to into the right time. The now shy has that advantage Emmanuel Brinton has been the writer to lose out in the most that, but your leaders, James and John vanished up..

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