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This is a big week for Donald Trump's campaign chair and for his deputy campaign chair and for his national security adviser and for his longtime political adviser they've all got a big week in court. So get your calendars out or get ready to write on your hand with the sharpie. However, you do it. But here's what's coming up this week. You'll recall last week we saw Paul Manafort the president's campaign chair sentenced in the eastern district of Virginia got forty seven months for Bank fraud and tax fraud this week Wednesday. He set to be sentenced in DC for two felonies. Both conspiracy counts the reason he's only facing two charges in DC is because he pled guilty to those two felony charges in September and exchange for having all his other charges dropped that kept it from having to go on trial a second time, but those guilty pleadings were also part of a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, which Manafort then promptly broke when he lied to them. So on Wednesday, the judge in that case, Amy Berman Jackson will sentence Paul Manafort. She can give him a MAC. Of ten years in prison. She'll also have the choice as to whether Manafort we'll have to serve whatever new sentence. He gets after his forty seven months or up from the Virginia case or could possibly the two sentences run concurrently. I mean, depending on how much time judge Amy Berman. Jackson gives Paul Manafort this week that consecutive versus concurrent thing could make a huge difference as to how much of the rest of Paul manafort's life is going to be spent not in prison. So that is going to happen on Wednesday that same day Trump national security advisor, Mike Flynn will have a status update in his case. And in the Flint case, this might be a big deal. You'll remember Mike Flynn was supposed to be sentenced back in December. But his sentencing hearing went totally off the rails, the sentencing hearing was basically aborted halfway through. When the judge started the sentencing process, and then basically signaled that it was going to go so so badly for Mike Flynn. That the judge would allow him to try to improve his circumstances by cooperating even more with the special counsel and in court that day. Mike Flynn initially seemed to not understand that the judge kept offering that over and over again, you sure you want me to sentence. You today, sir? You sure you you sure you don't want a little more time. Finally after the judge basically described his disgust and disdain for Flynn's offense. After the judge said in open court that Flynn undermined and sold out his country, finally Flynn and his lawyers appear to cotton onto what the judge was suggesting. And so Mike Flynn finally took the judge up on his offer not to be sentenced that day to go spend a little more time with prosecutors and see if you can help them a little bit more. So after that bizarre day in court in December Flynn went back to cooperating some more which means Wednesday is going to be the first time. He's back in court since that disaster of a sentencing hearing in December Flynn is obviously hoping to. End this thing and get to sentencing again, right away. But we'll see what prosecutors have to say. We'll see what the judge has to say. Innocence. The judge literally raised the prospect of Flint being prosecuted for treason. The last time he saw him back in December. I think when it comes to Wednesday. Most of the attention is going to be on Manafort and the expectations for his second sentencing. But the Flint news that day could be really big as well. Then the next day longtime Trump political adviser Roger stone will be back in court. He's likely to be there in person that could also be dramatic day in part because of all of the legal wrangling that's been happening between the two signs and stones case over whether Roger stone has again violated the gag order that that judge has put on him in this case. Roger stone's status report outlining his compliance with the guy Gordon was due today. We actually got the filing from his lawyers moments ago filing exhibit, a com posit exhibit B X. We just got this stuff in basically, the upshot is that stones lawyers are claiming he didn't mean to violate the gag order..

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