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You know. it's definitely different this year. But i just i'm asking the lord that that are christmases would build with his presence even though the presence and the family may look a little different this year in today's episode. I'm talking to my dear friend. Kelly below about the beautiful rest that is available to us in. Jesus when he came to bethlehem two thousand years ago he came to do more than just pay for our sin. Insecure our entrance into heaven. The prince of peace came to give us his joy in his piece rate here in the middle of the craziness of life. So here we go. Hey there my sweet sweet fran. Kelly larry welcome to the living room. Hey joanna i'm so happy to be chilling on the couch with you from a distance but out together and i'm really happy to be here today. I'm telling you what we're we're abiding by all the social distancing what is it about two three thousand miles. We're snoopers kaushal distance masks but we are still distance right. Those you're in florida right. We knew i'm actually out carolina now. But i'm still south. You're very south than i'm in montana. So yes but you know what i love most about you is it feels like every time we talk. It just feels like you're right there in the room with me i just. I'm so grateful for your friendship. My friend. I know that. I'm not alone in loving you. Joanna i if we had an audience. Have everybody clapped for joanna. We all love in that includes You're touching currier. You're such her well. I couldn't wait to get you on. Because i'm holding your beautiful new book in my hand. Rest now seven ways to say no set boundaries and sees joy and we. We have been kind of journeying together. You've been holding my hand as i walk through my book project and In here all of a sudden is this gorgeous book that guide just birth through you in so many ways and so it's been fun to have kind of a little bit of a front row seat but what really inspired you to write this book. Rest now you know joanna earlier part of my life Pre-college i was the oldest is six kids and i had this really super over responsible personality where i thought i was mother to everyone and needed to keep my family together and make sure everyone went the right way and just manage everyone's world and so It almost felt like wasn't going to be okay. Unless i was managing it and i actually developed eating disorder because it was trying to be everything to everyone and ultimately i did not know who i was. I didn't even like myself. I lost myself through this whole mentality. That's kind of the intensive rest over time. I found jesus praise god. I was healed eating disorder but the flip side of the coin. I had these time periods. Where i was like going to be with god. I'm just going to sit with him and do nothing. And then i was like okay. Wait a minute this is not rest either. Like i didn't have peace. Like what is this thing all about. you know. So the book about rest now is really a journey into spirit led rest. And it's about connecting to the heart of god right when we think about the vine being connected to the vine abiding through christ it's how to activate that kind of life style on the daily basis and this is my story. I love that. I love that because you the reality is we are people with responsibilities and god has made us like that in fact. He says that he's created us to do good works in yet. Boy it is so easy to live from that place of striving rather than abiding. What what would you say is probably the biggest lesson that you've learned about the rest that god wants to give us you know. I think one of the worst things in life is to be anyone other than who god created you to be and for a large portion of my life. I felt i had to work hard to get things or to be more to show myself. You know a better performer. Were more beautiful or having that perfect house and the beauty of rest. Is it really strips. Back the curtain on a lot of bats striving an in that place of rest as i sit with god and understand his heart. I can see man. He love me. For what i do. He loves me for who. I am in christ and when you can realize how powerfully loved you are in christ and who you are. In christ you begin to uncover the reality and the power and the identity of who you are. There's almost nothing that can stop your full of life your content your keys. That's really the fullness knowing who god created you to be and then you can take that out and love people authentically versus needing something from them like i need. I need you need me. I want you to want me. And you'll that from people and that doesn't feel like law that feels like something operating from another realm but rest is the recovery of self that healing of self through the biblical truths of christ when we invite him in That is so good so good. You talk about seven ways that we can find this. Can you kind of unpack those quickly. And then maybe we'll drill down on a couple. Absolutely will they're seven ways of rest in really what these are ways into. Christ because christ is the the way the truth and the life and lately we wanna walk into christ jesus because he is the prince of peace and so the more refined christ the more we find peace than where we follow. Christ them where we follow piece so in a nutshell. There are seven ways to come away. I call them. The first one is weakness. You know we. A lot of us are afraid to admit that were weak. But there's actually it says in scripture that christ's power is perfected in our weakness There is humility..

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