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Right as we continue Gregg Jarrett by what's today and it's sad what's happening but I don't see anything except political damage and wreckage for the Democrats and what they are putting the country through yet again and what that does is all they've done for three years I agree wholeheartedly and any here we are today debating what legal scholars have debated for two hundred years what the framers intended when they devise the impeachment clause in the constitution what's the precise meaning of that phrase treason bribery high crimes and misdemeanors is it strictly criminal conduct or an expansive interpretations it's unconstrained by statutory different definitions any you saw two burly arguing with they were disagreeing with says three other law professors but one thing's for sure the framers were imprecise their meaning was undefined as a result you know it is been a source of constant confusion and consternation for two hundred years and it will be so for the next two hundred years so that is that's very often and we have more of this crap all right Greg Greg Jarrett thank you well more tonight with him on Hannity Carter page we at the upcoming fights or port as we just mentioned on Monday and bill Reilly's take on the of witch hunt Ukrainian crew hearings by ninety Nadler today that and much more straight ahead as we continue a.

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