David Cronenburg, Crean, Director discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio - Full episode: Billy Corgan, Howard Shore, Mary Walsh, Benjamin Booker 10/25/17


I thought films might be a good way to further my musical ideas that i had and i was a fan of david cronenburg's movies for many years i saw them an underground film festivals when i was in my teens david's a few years older than me and i knew him a little bit through for mutual friends and i asked him if i could work on the brood and he took me on and he was the first time he had worked with an original score for his films and it was also the first time than i had really worked with a great director lights had i'd only him one film before that and we kinda grew up making movies if you will we ten fifteen films over the last thirty years david cronenburg's work i always think it's the backbone of my crean of life and films what what what makes them so great he gave me a lot of freedom he was very eager egalitarian with all the artists that worked on the film and he gave me a lot leeway to create different types of music for uh for his films and david never looked back he always look forward and he was always willing to experiment to try different things and we we did we did films like crash in naked lunch spdr 'cause marvellous and always trying different approaches to doing at the fly was a a very symphonic score in 1980 six but previous to that we did scanners it video drome which were we use a lot of electronics and can experimented with technology and the recording studio how do you are other particular rhythmic.

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