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Broadcast foundation the drive home now we welcome you here to the WDTV Katie studios another week of high school football moving along here in the state of Michigan and tonight or Catholic we gave it a week so the end of the season for you the judge what is the ball the tree Martin Luther king forty nine twenty one the final score from the drinking Brandon Johnson and Gus Vander drug here in studio with you and Gus new to jazz would gives up a great fight they had a lead early in this game fourteen seven again twenty one fourteen but after that twenty one fourteen lead taken by you of the it was all Martin Luther king is they would go on to for the remainder of the game shut out the cubs and move on to another state semi final yeah I I think this is really the first time all year we've seen somebody really get get a a large amount of success against you in these defense we had not seen almost pretty much any team put up a lot of points against you ready muscles forty nine points and the the the hundred eighty plus yards on the ground but by one guy in penny Boone I think is is something that that surprise me not because you know he's not a special player but because you would have always been coach up so well to where they were never quite in that position all year at work it's it's really hard when you're on the field for as much as as the U. D. defense was to continue to tackle somebody who's that strong and that effective to put in perspective going into tonight the comes only allowed a hundred and twenty three total points and you look at the games for the gave up double digits those three games are four games excuse we would include Catholic central that would include dealers sell that would include north farming ten and it would include verse Farmington last week and then twenty seven I guess to brother rice as well but your last week they give up ten even only twenty one to north farming kids pretty good fourteen nothing went over divine child the only gave up seventeen to deal sal and we allow eight verse oil they shut out an Arbor Charly shut out to find child the only allow three to Cranbrook in six to rose knowing that's a defense that several times this year just really did a fine job and even for some of the bigger schools and tougher opponents that defense is what kept them in football games and allow them to win a couple really good football games soul your right to go out and have to be on the field as long as they were as well as you know playing against arguably the most explosive probably second to Muskegon but one of the top three most explosive offenses of any team in the state of Michigan this year it's it's it's tough because you think you know Hey we we we play one of the more more difficult schedules in the state we have to play deal cell we have to play brother rice we have to play Catholic central and then you know your your gift in the in the regional finals is probably one of the best teams in the state of Michigan I mean that that's that's tough but you know what we're starting to see sort of the the first steps of building a reputable program that you have the right this is this is the first step in getting in the playoffs winning a few games this is this is the the cycle every program goes through went when they start to get good and start to build quality program I I think that today we saw a lot of good things from you of the it did not end the way they wanted to but we saw a lot of positives they competed they play hard in the end they just did not they they could not stay on the feel on offense long enough to stay in the sun for four quarters so the trade Martin Luther king has now won ten consecutive football games the open of the year with a loss to Catholic central twenty four twenty two the next week they fell to Muskegon the team we beat in the division three state final last year final score there was forty one to eighteen from that point forward contrary Martin Luther king has rolled in the schedule spend minimal don't get me wrong but they have rolled and they really made a statement last week first of all in the Franklin winning forty nine fifteen and then of course tonight as they did beat the cubs forty nine to twenty one work talk a little bit more about this football game and them there are three more Catholic League games tomorrow as well we'll talk more UV we'll preview those games tomorrow or with you to the top of the hour so stick with us here on the drive home the student broadcast foundation depends on.

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