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Style says that was that was awesome. Thank you Daryl Davis appreciate it. I can't wait to get him on the show again. And also maybe we can have an opportunity to Listen to him play. I don't know if you guys had opportunity to check out Him playing the piano and stuff like that but holy Shit. Panic is talented young guys on Youtube. Cool awesome well. Thank you everybody for taking out. Today's episode we sincerely appreciate it. Thank you perfect. Kito for sponsoring this episode for more information on them. Please check the youtube and facebook description as well as the podcast show notes Please make sure you're on the podcast at Mark Bells Power Project on Instagram. At NBC. Power Project on Tick Tock and twitter. My instagram is at Andruzzi. Insieme where you at at Encima. Instagram youtube out. Insieme Yin Yang onto tuck and twitter mark. There's so much to get out of today's podcast but I think something that'll be useful and helpful to everybody who listened today and I think you can implement it into your game right away is. Don't let the things that you hear a don't let them trigger an emotion You can have the feeling you can feel. Enraged you can feel upset. You can feel sad. You can feel mad but ask yourself. How is it helpful? Is it something that's GonNa help you get to the end result? Is it something that's GonNa really help you to make progress? And if it's not start to filter those feelings and start to make more sense to them and think about them in a more rational way so you can combat these things with more knowledge and the more knowledge that we have the more things that were able to share with each other the the more likely we are able to affect a lot of change in one another and I think that's you know that's really what a lot of us need at this moment on that Mark Smelly Bell. Strength has never week this week. There's never strength y'all later..

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