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Get more information you go to K l i f dot com 2021 yearbook for Downing Middle School is causing controversy in flower Mound. Some parents of students are upset after seeing the black lives matter, and I can't breathe sticker on the yearbook and our teacher has been placed on administrative leave the theme of this year's yearbook that was designed by the kids as we stick together. It includes several stickers featuring life in 2020 and 2021 on the back to specific stickers, a school officials say caused the story is one that Has a quote that reads in part. Science is real black Lives matter. The second sticker shows the closed fist and the words I can't breathe. Mickey Briggs K Life News s O this art teacher. On administrative leave. Let me see what is a huge as you were wondering why. Guess to show that I mean, a yearbook shouldn't get political like that. Right? Right. Right. Right. Right. But doesn't it you know is there's one teacher. All by him or herself. He's here. She was probably the yearbook person, right, but nobody else Nobody else gives it look and says You know, I like this. Let's go with it. Usually the cover I think was on the back of the cover. Usually the covers are approved. Yeah. You think there's some contest or something, eh? So other people see it. If I were the faculty member in charge of putting the yearbook together, I wouldn't take personal responsibility for the final result. Way. Sure, make sure it past the principle exactly. Especially in today's day and age. Yes, for sure. All right. It is coming up on 7 10. We're gonna check out the money news now. The business page with network radio Spencer Macallan. Good morning. Long interest rates on U. S. Treasuries Down slightly The Home price index comes out in an hour and Goldman playing the reopening, says Domino's Pizza downgraded But Shake shack is Abi I'm Spencer McCowen President McGowan Group. Net Worth radio com Common Apple Hear from former President Donald Trump, Kayla of News time 7 10 Projects sign makes it easy for good people to connect with great causes through volunteer maps. You can Bring fresh light to a dark and troubled world.

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