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We're joined now by Oakland Announcer Jim. Brock Meyer Jim. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you handling life without baseball right now? What does social distancing look like for Jim Brock Meyer? I'm not handling it. Well I've gotten to the point now for example a complete game. That's when you spend all day in the same pair of sweat pants. Change THEM. A ground ball. That's when you curl up into a little ball while weeping on the bathroom floor so I'm making my own baseball fun. This is the ideal environment for baseball. Baseball was in its golden age back when people literally had nothing to do three and a half hours they just flew by because you're alternative activities. Either reading a book or getting polio. Now here we are again. There's no baseball and instead I'm just. I'm stuck at home in this endless. Back and forth between apocalyptic news and well online pornography so not a lot of choices over here. we'll Jim you know you've always been very outspoken as an announcer about the people in charge. How do you think the people in charge if baseball have handled all of this? Well I think that Professional sports organizations have done an amazing job. I really do a lot of people did not realize just how serious Gerona virus was until there was no sports. It's the most that Major League Baseball has done to affect public health since Given the entire roster the eighty six minutes medicine committee and who knows how many potential infections they stop there so this is a big coup for baseball. We've seen other sports announcers you know like Joe Buck. Use this time at home to just call play by play during Everyday Life. But you kind of already do that. Are they? Just kind of stealing your stick and also I know that you have you have some issues with Joe as well. I'm trying to have some sympathy for Joe Buck right now. He's dealing with not having work for the first time like ever in his life. I mean the man would literally announce anything from Children's golf tournaments to competitive dog eating so I understand that he's desperate personally. I'm quite used to being homeless and unemployed. That's my wheelhouse so if Joe needs to borrow some of my tools in order to not have a mental breakdown. I'm I'm GonNa let that happen. I feel like one day Joe. Buck is going to look back at this time in his life and she one set of footprints in the sand because this is carried him and his his weird Marionette lack buddy before all of this corona virus stuff baseball was already dealing with a major scandal with the Astros signed stealing scheme as an announcer. What's your reaction? Been watching that whole thing unfold? Well it's been very disappointing to a baseball person. But not not all that surprising. It was bound to happen scandals after all. Baseball's most hallowed traditions. I mean the black socks and steroid use and the angels pretending that they actually play in Los Angeles. Baseball's America's pastime and lag. America baseball has an UNCANNY ability to keep surviving in pretending. Like it's mistakes just never happened so this will sort itself out now. All I hope is that someone properly sanitizers the baseball before throwing it at the Astros batters. That's all I hope just through clean baseball's there you know Jim. Thor's there's so much uncertainty right now in the world and in sports and we don't know wagner or even if we'll ever get baseball back the season what words of wisdom do you have for fans who are are feeling loss right now without the comforts of baseball folks precious remember. You can get through this. We can all get through this. You have the skills. If you're a baseball game you know how to have hope. Even in times it seemed hopeless. Especially if you're a fan of the Baltimore I mean you know how to survive with limited human context as you would know if you've ever been one of the twelve people attending a Tampa Bay rays game baseball fans. We are more ready for this than anybody. And at some point game we love with and we'll get back to being very very very mad. It useless so we have that to look forward to I look forward to it very much. Jim Brock Meyer. Thank you for joining us. Thank you can be the always a delight. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead in yet. Another head-scratching move for the Texans. Puzzling off-season Houston traded for wide receiver. Brandin cooks sending a second round pick in this year's draft to the La Rams. The Texans of course are trying to fill the gaping hole left by trading De'andre Hopkins to the cardinals for running back David Johnson and two picks the rams will reportedly take a twenty one point. Eight million dollar cap hit for cooks while Houston will pay him. Eight million dollars guaranteed this season. The Athletic Shield Kapadia grades. Move a D for the Texans. The only reason it's not an F. He writes is because they already set that floor with the Hopkins deal. The fifty seven th pick was frankly a lot to give up in a draft class. That's deep it. Wide Receiver and cooks comes with a lot of question marks last season he suffered two major concussions in two thousand five days and has had five known concussions in his six years in the NFL. Texans are hoping he can return to his twenty eighteen form after saying earlier this week that. Ufc Two forty nine would go on as scheduled on April Eighteenth Dana White said in an interview with ESPN on Thursday that the event and all subsequent UFC fights have been postponed today. We got a call from the highest level you can go at Disney and the highest level of ESPN and the powers that be. They're asked me to stand down and not do this. Event next Saturday before the change of plans Thursday White was planning to hold. Ufc Two forty nine at the Touchy Palace. Casino resort near Fresno and he said on Thursday quote when the world gets back to normal the California event will be Tachi Palace and finally federal prosecutors brought a new round of indictments this week as part of an ongoing investigation of soccer's world governing body. Fiba in the indictment the government formally accused FIFA officials for the first time of accepting bribes in exchange for their votes on hosting rights for the two thousand eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups which were awarded to Russia and cutter. A total of sixteen people were indicted on a wide range of charges including fraud. Bribery and money laundering among them are two media executives who worked for Fox International Channels an affiliate of Twenty First Century Fox and stand accused of making bribe and kickback payments. In order to secure broadcast rights one of those executives air non Lopez is now the founder and CEO of wondering which co-produces this show Lopez lawyer issued a statement denying the charges saying quote. The indictment contains nothing more than a single paragraph about Mr Lopez that alleges nothing remotely improper Lopez and former. Fic President Carlos Martinez where range Thursday in Brooklyn Court. We will continue to monitor this story as develops. That's it for the week. Everyone thanks for listening. And if you like our show please give us a five star rating and remember to subscribe. Our producers are Caitlyn plummer. Chris Siegel and Chris Owen. Editing and production by senior producer Lee Hernandez and Matt Stroke Back Checking and writing by Ian Hurley. Sound Design and mixing by White on Lynn. Aaron May and Joe Richardson. Our theme song was composed by Lindsey Graham. The executive producer of the lead is anders. Celtics are aditorial. Director is me could be the Davidson. Our Show is executive produced by LEA Hernandez Marsh Louis and Aaron on Lopez for wondering from wonder and the athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson an utter skelter. See next week..

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