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To the digital news network. A late night comedians been silenced by throat problem. But APR statement editor Oscar wells Gabriel reports that doesn't mean the host was sidelined. This is the daily show with Trevor. No, it was his show. All right. But it wasn't his voice you've probably noticed. This is a little different. That's like a Kosta one of the comedians on the daily show doing Trevor Noah's monologue as Noah sappy side him doing hand and facial gestures. Why was Noah silent over the weekend? I lost my voice. And my doctor told me not to speak at all. Or I might get surgery ROY wood junior also joined no for some of the opening segment. It is unclear how long will be out of commission or how the hosting duties will be handled going forward. I'm Oscar wells Gabriel. Police say a man released from jail didn't go very far before committing his next crime. They say he stole a car from the jail parking lot. It happened at Westmoreland county prison in Pennsylvania police say that just moments after convicted drug dealer thirty six old Thomas Lee Williams was released. He attacked a woman in the parking lot and stole her car with the victims one year old child in the back seat. The Tribune review reports Williams crashed about fifteen minutes later and ran into the woods where he was caught and arrested again now he's back in jail on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bail, both the boy and his grandmother were taken to hospitals to be checked out. Fitch Ratings has downgraded Sri Lanka's long-term foreign currency issuer default rating in a statement Fitch says Sri Lanka's ongoing political upheaval, which has disrupted. The normal functioning of parliament exacerbates, the country's external financing risks a court order, the country's disputed prime minister and his ministers to refrain from conducting their duties as it. Here's a case challenging their eligibility to hold office after losing two no confidence votes in parliament fit says it lowered the.

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