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One coming, especially with the number one ranking in the world on the line, but two seed rapping Nadal has now been eliminated in the fourth round by 20 seconds seated American Frances tiafoe in four sets to moving on to the quarterfinals. He wins 6 four four 6 6 four and 6 three. Meanwhile, third C Carlos alcaraz is an action versus 15 seat of Marin Cilic while 70 camera nori is beaten straight sets by 19 Andre Rublev, 11 Cedric center plays Ilya ivashka. In the women's autopsy egas fiance gets scared, she loses the first set to Yulia niemeyer, but then rebounds to come back to win the next two to advance the quarters, place you to Jessica padula knocks off 21st sea Petra kvitova in trade sets to move on as well. And that means schwarze and pegula will be facing each other in the quarters. Elsewhere, 60 arena sabalenka takes on 19 C Danielle Collins all right now we are in the second set 22nd seated Karolina Pliskova winning the first hit over 2060 Victoria Azarenka 7 5 but right now Azarenka leads blisk over three to one. In that second set, the winner will also advance to the quarters. You wait for president Alexander severin says he believes that Spain and Portugal will be jointly hosting the 2030 World Cup as the two countries formalize the joint bid back in June. Spain would have 11 venues while Portugal will offer three of Spain hosted the 1982 World Cup Portugal as never, but they were the host country for the European Championship in 2004 coming up in November, obviously we have the World Cup in Qatar and then in 2026 it will be jointly between Mexico, the United States and Canada. In the NFL, Washington commanders all time sacks leader Ryan Kerrigan who retired this off season as rejoined the organization as an assistant defensive line coach, Kerrigan who played for Washington from 2011 to 2020

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