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The cardinal two-three gets into the right corner to Stevie Stevie dribbles. Enter the lane from right to left comes back. Right jump. Stop out to Reichel Zack throws to the right wing to Ethan for three. No good. And the rebound cleared. Mike as EEOC. Paula beavers have missed nine straight Oregon state one of nine from deep on a rough night in Rangel Gill here tonight. Seven minutes to go fourteen point cardinal league. Top of the key to Sharma throws it to Cormac Ryan at the right wing. Ryan dribbles in front of dean and Pat Hanson Crozet to silver coins at left ach follow with three on the clock off Paula backs up shoot over Michael and MRs again, good defense by the beef. And Thompson, the rebound ahead or brother Stevie left wing, six forty two to play Stevie left corner. Ethan Ethan made two quick buckets to open the half left to the lane to trace fakes left dribbles right into the paint, jump stop and up and under around trauma. That's no good. Now, we got a whistle and a foul against the beavers. It'll mean free throws at the other end for Stanford was six thirty one to play. Foulon Warren, Washington, his third the fevers eight team foul. A one wanted one opportunity coming for Stanford which is fourteen or fifteen in the line. Follow four for four from the stripe. Six and a half the play Stanford leading sixty four to fifty. Saturday afternoon at two o'clock airtime to thirty five tip the papers. And how follows free throw is good Stanford is fifteen of sixteen from the line. The Stanford pushes it back up to fifteen at sixty five fifty the beavers had one possession and the ball down nine a chance to close within seven. And turn the basketball over and Stanford from that point on is reassumed complete control both where he throws good sixty six fifty even Thompson under the front court gets it. Zach Reichel back to Ethan between the circles beavers of Mr. last hand shots. Trace tinkle will try to change that ores act perhaps now youth and Thompson dribbles jump stop left wing to Stevie Stevie comes into the lane floats up a runner from four. That's no good eleventh grade, MRs and the rebound grabbed by quarterback Ryan. Unbelievable bieber's eleven consecutive misses. And one for the last fourteen. Mac Ryan to the left wing decays Pala jab step by Casey bumped into by Zach Reichel shoots. Zaken doesn't get it. Rebound tapped by Warren, Washington last touch by one out of bounds to Stanford Cuyler. Kelly will check in with five fifty to play Stanford leading sixty six to fifty set your team set your sports set your alerts would Pac twelve now. Download it today. Ryan inbounds to walk Paula fresh thirty for the cardinal up sixteen and a game the cardinal dominated as between the surface five MAC Ryan into the middle to Selva fee. Trauma, puts it up blocked by Kelly, the mess, and then Zach Reichel Paul reaching that'll.

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