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But you know, he got to win the championship and has been able to be a part of weeper bowl contending team. He's made a lot of big kicks in his career had really great and closing moment. Inning season. That had some troubles with the late was. Hamstring was able to get that last cake, and you know, indices on a good note. But do you think you could hang up because I'm kind of wondering right now, if that might be more possible that we're considering because he has an out every year in this contract to be able to do that. So do you think that's a distinct possibility? I mean, the only way I think that we don't know the full amount of details on his injury. I mean, he was well enough to kick the last few games. So you assume he's fine or close to it. I think as long as he wants to play he's going to play. You know, like you mentioned he only missed one field goal this year. He he had twenty attempts or one tents and he made twenty of them like it's not like he's lost a step. He had his best feel percentage this year with ninety he made ninety five point two percent. And that's kicks over twenty, you know, counting ticks over twenty attempts. He he's doing, you know, usually with kickers, you get rid of them all if they start to suck if you wanna put it bluntly like he's not he's actually like he's you know, he missed them game. So it's hard to say. He's getting better. But he definitely didn't get worse as long as health is there and he wants to play. I don't see any reason why the falcons shouldn't keep him. You know, the whole Vecchio thing. It's interesting that they kept him on the roster for the last several games once Matt Bryant returned. You know, that's you know, and then on top of that we have new we'll get a new special teams coach, I don't know how much that place into the kicking game. Probably not a lot. 'cause my Brian just keeps kicking butt. So to sum it up. I think he'll be back. I think they would have put because this this is what I I'm not saying he should retire at all. But leading up to this game. Like, I was saying he he spent a good portion of his career with the buccaneers a couple of years. And that's really where you went. Okay. You know, he spent people don't realize he spends some seasons with the job. Ryan, I think he he was with the dolphins before I think there was one or two other teams, but he spent a couple of seasons what the buccaneers. And that's where people really knew who he was. And then obviously, he's been a legend in Atlanta. I think it would have been a perfect ending to go into Tampa. Like, let's pretend that was it wouldn't you felt wow. Matt Bryant, you know, he went out how he came in just a legend, you know, one game in Tampa. You know, that's that's what you would want. But the fact that nothing was said of that game before like, oh, this might be met Brian's last game. There's been no whispers of it. If you follow his wife, Melissa Brian on Twitter. She's anytime somebody's really said anything about him retiring, or whatever she's kinda put her sense in saying, you know, like he hasn't said anything about retiring. So I don't think it's going to happen because. When you have a, you know, you could say Morten Andersen or some. But in my eyes Bryant's you know, top-five picker in NFL history just based on clutch. But he's definitely without a doubt the best kicker in falcons history, my eyes, and there would have been more to it than waking up, you know, during a weekday going to work and being like, oh, do you hear Matt Bryant retired? Like, he's not he's not gonna do that. They would give him a going out party. If that makes sense, I think he's at that. He's at that level where you're going to get that that treatment, you know, and they might even say during the regular season. Like, I don't know we three or four something. And he's starting to slow down any like, you know, I think this is my last season 'cause they're going to give him that that legend treatment, and he deserves it..

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