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Actually so that's for you you know what you brought that up and terms of this because we did get a question on our email the said i before you're all palmer a mean makes why take out for a walk everyday lately she's been going out and when we start the walk she just sits down why she doing this i have to pick or up in carry her then for a while and try setting your down or blocker so away beginner to walk some things happen in that era of kind would be my first so because what got me on that as you know with but they become so then we actually become listeners for a little bit is she used to and so some things change what happened around the time that but if you kicker up and take a down the block and then sure woke what scary in that block or what stopping the motion and not block so be just sitton down i'm watching a little bit and saying what when all know trying thing becker was there dog our truck that went just i know that i keep going back to bubbles but she such an interesting yes you know it's interesting case for you to pull it up there to help my night as started i'm bringing col try los around so and they bounce my michael oher was it was a outside in a certain area she is so wound up and so holly reactive just in that area so whether take in that area are anymore yeah i'm so could've been something you money not even register with that but the dogs perception all but this happens in this area and it's scary and sometimes on the asked happened once and women never figured out his tony yeah yeah so what we do then it's we actually done for so but we take into those areas and if you carry her a block start caring hurt three quarters of a blowup and actually work backwards so instead of trying to start your front gate and so i come on let's go for walks are on i'm gonna pick you up yeah and then age dave just you know ten fate less than you weren't eventually you'll be back it got yeah went when it's go back trying nice people trying stout from the front but we one of stuff from the good and which is a block away you know.

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