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Lobsters crab craft Lega. Don't disrespect crab legs. Crab legs. Sounds so good right now. Say did you just say don't disrespect crab legs with lobster? Absolutely crab smoke lobster. Not even close. If the Cowboys the book in years on Sunday, I'm going to somewhere to get crab legs to celebrate. That should be a thing. Connor Connor Connor. You've had some really really good takes in your life, and some really really really bad takes in your life. I'm tweeting it out right now. We're gonna see who who the people agree. This might be the worst take I have ever heard you make the we put do we put five bucks on what the what the voting will be. Yes. But don't weren't the don't word the question weirdly, I'm not. I'm just going to say what's better. It's pick one. What's better? Is that good? Yes. All right. So we need to figure. This is important stuff. Right here, we need to figure this out. So while Connor does that I guess I am going to talk about this game a little bit. You know? I I don't really see. I'm never been a James Winston pan. I never have been. I mean, I thought that he was obviously the second best quarterback in that draft. And it's locally like neither of them could be the best quarterback in that draft me who else in that class. That was what's she's twenty. Fifteen deck losses will. It's. Gene that class. Let me see is that about whatever is that talking about whatever talking about I'll look at. I was going to say. The popular some of the worst takes heard this this this this year. I'll say is that the Cowboys should. Trade for Derek Carr trade for James Winston trade for Nick Mullins or trade slash signed. Joe flacco after he's cut from the ravens. And I just don't get like the quarterback play. Here hasn't been great this year. But. I still think tax just as good if not better already younger than all of those guys that we just listed understand. Why people want those guys? I mean, I guess it's just the fact of not knowing that that unknown fact that people would like Cooper rushed to play just let that same cackling. I've heard I saw that of lunch. I'll just like how what is an, you know, good point good point. I'm I was going to start the podcast off with this. I'm very disappointed in Cowboys fans, myself included a little bit because. What we talked about a little bit. But like did you really expect them to win twelve strings? There's just no way. Like the fact that they lost one before they get into the playoffs. Probably not a bad thing because it allows them to restart refocus get back to get back to the football that they have been playing in hopefully, going another five or six game run. Because if they do that now, then we're talking a bunch of good things. So I don't know the loss didn't really matter to me the the. The takes coming out of the game or just so bad. But I don't know the next thing I wanted to talk about it. So that brought up on Twitter last night. I thought it was pretty interesting. Over the last month of the season. What quarterback has played well consistently? Can you answer that question? I don't think so who's played four consecutive good. And I saw that by from football outsider football, outsiders, did a little study and said that offense in December is down even more than it is normally I usually you see a little bit of drop in offense of numbers in December. But this has been an even weirder. N even weirder year for the offensive the lack of offense. Yeah. It's so strange because even like drew Brees drew Brees went from throwing four five touchdowns a game to not looking like himself at all. You know, Jared Goff has been atrocious. Over the last three weeks. Patrick Mahomes has been the only one in even him a few weeks ago against the Ramsey through. I think five interceptions in one game. It was so he still played. Well, he was just risk in it..

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