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And foremost involving government. I think was a mistake. I do I do push back to some people at some point though. Were they say and I get this accusation. They you say Charlie. There is no place for gay people in the conservative movement. I get this accusation because we have gay members at turning point. USA We have some gay people on staff. And I've shared stages ages with people like Dave Rubin that are openly openly. Get and I don't I do not believe in. I believe that you could be firm in your principles and clear with what you stand for. While still saying that the conservative movement a political movement should be one about addition and multiplication and not subtraction. And you could send you can have you can have be very firm and what you say. Say the Bible says very clearly biblical marriage. But Jesus Christ you look. At his teaching he communicated and he he basically basically interface that everybody and expressed that love and was long suffering and was compassionate but clear. And so you can be compassionate and clear. So that's that's how I stand on that issue so thank you very much. I'll have this. He has the he has the ability member turning point. USA They is a is a secular organization. Remember this everybody because this is really important about the spirit of these of these these kinds of discussions discussions. He runs a secular organization with Judeo Christian values. We had founding fathers with Judeo Christian Christian values that created a secular nation. Did you know that's what we have. They believed that even though they disagreed with how Oh people might live. They were free to live with all the same exact rights. The our founding fathers wouldn't ascribe to a certain. Listen listen founding. Our founding fathers didn't ascribe to Catholicism. Did you know that read it. But they allowed the Catholics. That lived here to have the same exact constitutional rights at Charlie's not church. He doesn't he's not a pastor of a church. If there's a conservative -servative like Dave Rubin and Dave Rubin is a homosexual this is we're talking the arena of Dave Dave Rubin have the right the vote no one would say oh because there's a homosexual ruben. Camp Vote No. That's more like Iran. It's a great point you you still have to you. Do you believe in Dave Rubens lifestyle. Of course not do I do I pray for Dave Rubin. Yeah absolutely so should you. We live in that kind of. That's American exceptionalism that we live in the nation that allows us to have this freedom to live like this on a sector level and yet have religious freedom atheist even have the freedom here in America to be atheist. I does that make sense. You need to make that difference up so as a conservative in highschool surrounded by a lot of misinformed informed liberal kids. What is your quickest argument? That trump is a successful president and also not a racist. Oh Wow okay. Oh six minutes and forty seven Vincent you can heal the rest of your time to me. I I'm happy to yield to flirt. How does somebody magically become a racist just because they start running for president? That's the first question this guy was in the most public life. You could possibly imagine in every rap song going to fights with Don King and even Al Sharpton Ritchie's having literally being best friends with professional athletes owning football teams. Some of you guys might not know about that with Donald Trump used to own football teams actually sued the NFL. How does somebody that hosts? The apprentice of people of all different races is in religious backgrounds. All of a sudden become someone that is so hateful just because he starts to run for president. The answer is that's preposterous. Anyone would say Asia and it's unfortunately become an easy sheep in an accurate label to throw on him because they disagree with them on policy. See here's the thing. There are real racist in America. They exist when anyone comes across them. They should be repudiated that the the belief in racial superiority is anti-christian. It's anti-biblical and it's anti-american however because we are a decent country we've actually on a really good job of confronting that evil and it's become a minimal of a minority population in our country. The problem is when you call so much racist when it isn't in cheapens real racism. What it does is the word start to mean nothing second thing? Here's how the easiest way you ask. Very honest question is America in a better place today or the day before. Donald Trump got inaugurated January nineteen two thousand seventeen any honest observer of the analytic of the analytics and the facts. The statistics of our country will even say might hate US twitter account. I don't like the style. I don't like but America's in a better place because it is economic numbers lowest ever black poverty already rate separate Hispanic unemployment. Slow slower listen. This is what I wanted. Under under trump under trump uh black unemployment low lowest ever in three hundred years by the way. Let's to be fair by the way under Bronco. Bama it was one of the highest. Go Figure Okay Women Female Employment Hispanic Employment. This is the only thing I wanted to add. Was this shirt what are you. Why don't you go to a trump hotel? You'd have to stay there. You can't afford his walk. Walk in walk in or go look and find out how many people of the trump have working not cleaning rooms but in senior level positions and executive level positions. I challenge you and capstone that there's not one statistic not a singular statistic economically or anything else across the board. Even in a foreign policy landscape. Were not more competitive more advantageous position than we were the a day before he got inaugurated record growth. One hundred forty one stock market records being broken boasts ever black poverty at my favorite statistic. I'll say six million alien people have gone off. Government assistance and are now self sustainable under president favoritism most days most millionaires millionare's created the last three years in American history. Most millionaires more people became millionaires and less three years because of the economy and all. Thanks for the question. I shout out to the Church and the leadership. Thank you for allowing things like this and promoting the second curling. You're doing great work. I need five colleges that I can send my kids to great so I will do another other plug. I don't so I recently started a new initiative and Center at Liberty University Phenomenal School at Liberty University. The call the Falkirk Center for Faith and liberty that is designed so turning point. USA Secular Organization my passion. I'm never gonNA leave it. I'm never going to stop working towards towards it but I realized that there is also very important. Culture war happening about the in the inseparable intersection of American Constitutional Liberty and first freedoms and Natural Rights and the Gospel. Jesus Christ and WHO's fighting for that and the answer is not enough people so we started the Falkirk. Get Jerry Falwell Charlie Kirk Center for Faith and Liberty at Liberty University. You guys are going to be seeing a lot from that center exciting things to come liberties a great school. It's a terrific school Hillsdale College. That terrific school but more importantly Morton and I only got a minute fifty five. The college stick so I'll do it as quickly as I possibly can. Not everyone who graduates high school is to go to college. Let's start with that. Even more importantly I highly recommend most kids that graduate high school take a gap year. We ask our high school seniors. Hey where are you going to school. Not why are you going to school. College should be about career. Preparation not ideological exploration. I'm going to speak some truth parents and I don't mean this offensively say it slow so they get a big deal and I love it. It's it's a hard truth but it's real. It's real far too often. It is parents pushing kids into an expensive school. Then kids wanted to go to that expensive school themselves. I find far too often. And there's exceptions to this where parents are afraid to confront their neighbors or be confronted by their neighbors or their friends or their family and explain that their kid might not be going to four years college or explain that their kid might be going to local community college or might have joined the military or become a plumber which there's nothing wrong with the traits by the way our country needs more HVAC HVAC and carpenters and entrepreneurs. There's nothing we have to stop. Stigmatizing trades in our country as if these individuals individuals are less intelligence or less wise or less likely to succeed and so for parents out there. I encourage you to check the ego at the door and imagine that you can confront that neighbor. Who loves to brag about how little johnny gets perfect test scores and going to Harvard on a full scholarship and imagine looking them straight in the eyes and saying my son is not going to college? And I'm okay with that and he's okay with that if that is if you're just like I can't imagine doing that then. Unfortunately that conversation has become more about you and less about your kid exactly because none of that stuff actually matters none of that. The societal acceptance throw all that away it should be about. Is My child going to college to become more competitive to get a job in the future. Do Not send your child to college to find value values. They won't find them there. They'll lose their value. That's right do not send your child to college to learn about the world. They won't learn about the world and college. Do not send and your child to college to meet connections to meet people that is one of the biggest lies about college instead. Tell you if your kid is passionate about ministry if virk whatever it is go find someone in your local community that is really good at that Particular Bank and have the mentor under that person for a summer and learn everything they possibly can about that particular thing. Two things will happen. They're they're gonNA find out they really love it or really hate it really quick and you might save a bunch of money and they're going to learn so much about the world and then if they do end up going to college make sure for goodness sake. It is done in a financially financially conscious way. Debt is the slavery savory the Free People's dreams crust every single day by student loan debt do not take the slightly people in their forties and fifties still are paying off student. Loan debt. So so. Here's what's happening. We have people that feel like. They're being forced to go to college to go borrow money to study things that don't matter to find jobs that don't exist all because they're afraid of telling their friends they don't want got it. Oh I have to go to college you do not have to go to four year college. Guess what I never went to college. Everybody okay you don't have to go to college and succeed the.

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