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The clips the next day and follow us on Instagram at now or never ESPN. You could see the promos for the show to you can get a little taste of what we're about convene on rich or at now or never ESPN and look out for them on television and online some of the promos are really good all the promo. Most of the problems are posted on our Instagram at Covina on. So check him out and leave your rude comments. There. Hey on personal. No, I do want to say, good luck. And congrats to my sister, Jen because she's having a baby as we speak so excited for that. As we speak and her husband, Dan, I know the real excited my whole family's excited about as my parents, fourth grandkids, so families growing and in a world where we focused a lot on the crappy stories. Maybe it's something. Nice out there. That's awesome. My sister's having a baby, and I'm gonna be an uncle again. Your sister, Jen? Yes. She's the youngest of my sisters her her husband, Dan is like a wrestling fanatic. Right. He's so proud of himself. So he is he like pitcher names like we're going to name the kid stone cold like is he trying to incorporate some wrestling name his his name. It's already predetermined the honky tonk honky tonk Avena honkytonk, man. Oh perfect. Great. Yeah. No, we're pretty certain. I don't know if they revealed publicly. He's probably it's like sensational, Sherri, Camino, right? Yeah. Yeah. The fab fabulous moonwalk. I don't want to give it away out the another day, but that's their business. And and I'm really happy to say, good luck. And congrats to my sister. And dan. All right. So I'm casino in. That is rich is convened rich on ESPN radio app. Yeah. We're talking about wrapping this up, actually, it's it's when a hateful player. So when you actually despise is now on your team thinking about the guy in the league. I hate his face for some reason. Maybe you hit the way plays. You hate the way looks you hate Hannatised sister. Mary's the town hall. Yeah. You know, how do you deal with it? Now, he's now you're brother-in-law in. This guy's a team Damon and Kentucky, what's your example. With a coach. I'm a big Louisville Kentucky. Basketball football in rival university of Kentucky. We ended up with his former coach Rick Pitino. I didn't like Rick Pitino at university Kentucky, I liked the name less when he came to Louisville just arrogant. I just never liked to learn to tolerate 'em when they got us a championship. Now, we don't have that anymore. I'm back. Thank you for the feedback. Eighty eight say ESPN and on Twitter at Kevin O. Enrich, Sean foster says you're talking about what's officially known as the Claude. Lemieux theory Ryan Shieffer says as a Vikings fan it was hard. When far I came down. But then producing always helps Frank Snyder says leave Lance Armstrong out of this conversation of hey, people are talking about. Yeah. Villains and things like that before. But hey, thank you guys. Everybody for all the feedback digest that does one more on that list. Never. I'll never remember now. Oh, well, moving onto a more important theory. And that's the how long are you willing to wait theory? Every once in a everyone's lives in an instant gratification world, everyone lives in a show me. I'll be honest. I'm as guilty as as it is to if I if I don't have the opportunity to watch the game of the ESPN app, and if they don't have the highlight up with a minute. Like me. I'm like who's not working hard enough at in Bristol title? If I miss the show, if it's not on demand immediately somewhere, or if I don't find the clip online, who's not working that's evident in everything. We we watched today. It's got to be fast moving and got to get to the meat. Now, we want instant results, you know, people don't produce. We want to show off TV we want him out of the league. You know? It's just the way of the world. Just think of how TV shows were presented back in the day in the eighties. There was an intro. There was credits. Now, just a little stinger. And right into the show is no one has the patience gratification. No one has patience to sit through credits. Some movies growing up started with the actually credits. No movie just credit. The intro. Get into it show me what's going on. And then get to the boring stuff. So Travis trying to be polite because you don't want to call it the restaurant, but God forbid, they try to commercials on our channel say who. But went to a place. They said fifteen minutes that cool fifteen twenty minutes. Fifteen twenty minutes out the gate, I'm fine with that especially at dinner time than appetite a little bit fifteen twenty minutes at seven thirty. Yeah. You got to expect to be honest. The food start starts to taste a little better. When you wait a little bit. Gay. You know? And then some friends that I'm with her strolling in fifteen minutes around and people are getting seated on Racine table. So governor just to check. And she goes it's gonna be ten more minutes in the kitchen got backed up. All right. That's fine. So then I go back over to the bar, and then a group of seven comes in and they get seated immediately. And I'm like something's wrong. They said my name, and then we don't come up there. And they moved by. You're start to play tricks on either traverse like eat you start to hear your name or pretend like they called your name. Even though they didn't call you at all. Now a lotta times, you know, you're very well wherever your own annoyances. But you can't help it. I'm very impatient. With this stuff that I know I'm the I'm the hostess linger the lurker like if I start here in multiple names. I will go over and I'll look over the little desk by where's my well. Why not? Patriot. What'd you say drivers? Why don't they give like your number two texts or the little pagers at some restaurant? They did nothing. They do that at some restaurants. Of course, you get your little pager number. But I'm saying on the ones where you just write down your name. If if I'm like rich party of four if I don't hear anything for a while. I start hearing other names, I will be the annoying person that goes on this list because I want to I want a peek at the list and how far down on my. And are you trying to trick me? Because if you go to a nice restaurant, I'm convinced I'm convinced if you go to like, a nice steak house, or or classy place, they'll tell you all the table will be ready in a minute. If you want to wait by the bar. We by the bars their code for going. Yeah, they're doing the whole. Hey, spent forty bucks on spend thirty bucks on two drinks tricks. Those are restaurants because if you had a table you'd be ordering a drink too. So you're getting a drink one way or another running up a bar. Drink sometimes as sometimes as a pressure to be like, oh, you're on a date or something. And you know, you you're on a date you go there you want to weigh at the bar for your table. You're not with a date. You're certainly not going to say, no, I'm standing right here. And they're calling every name, but yours and in like getting mad about it. So what happens to you Travis? You're waiting fifteen twenty minutes. So they pass this up. And so that's when. The manager came over and tried to give a reason and look see if there's a table. So then we left and went to a of rival across the street. How long did you end up waiting? I can total probably forty minutes. Oh, yeah. That's forget, especially if they said fifteen minutes, it could have been twenty. But you heard fifteen you're okay with that. Then they made you wait over forty a river that she baby. There's so many questions. In fact, there's going on here. So we're gonna ask you guys. What's your limit? We'll set a limit here on the show eight hundred eighty eight say ESPN, but there's a funny take that the late great Mitch Hedberg had on this. And it's about all the names that they call before your name and how we often like. Sort of dismissed the other people. I don't wanna give it away. Just take a listen to Mitch Hedberg restaurant on the weekends. It gets busy. So they gotta start awaiting. They start calling out names. I say like to frame party to table ready for do Frayne party or two if no one answers to say the name again do frame party a two. But have known ashes they'll just go right down to the next name Bush party three. But what happened to the France? No one seems to care. A.

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