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Suspect them barricading self possibly in a home down the street a large group was set up police said air to the home and they found the suspect deceased on fox it was truly okay a news in teller county what could be close to the end of the murder trial of Patrick crazy we you could see closing arguments as early as this afternoon investigators believe after Kelsey bare earth was killed Patrick crazy drove around texting to our mother Cheryl into himself from Kelsey's phone as if she were still alive to throw up suspicion just that much longer a judge is expected to close the courtroom while he makes a ruling on a mysterious matter which may throw timing off a bit it's anyone's guess when the case goes to the jury Carol McKinley for KO in use in a row we could be coming to an end of the mayor's race former congressman Mike Coffman declaring victory yesterday following an unofficial final count of the ballots the city of Aurora has been my home down for the last fifty five years and I'm honored to receive a vote of confidence by one of the most diverse cities in America Kaufman now just over two hundred votes ahead of the closest competitor Omar Montgomery he has yet to concede the race but is expected to make a statement sometime later today a margin of a hundred thirty three votes would have triggered a recount Montgomery would have the option of calling a three campus of the votes but he would have I pay for himself for the latest now on the impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill we got our partners at ABC news in in a minute day two of the public hearings gets under way.

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