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Was that assumption right due to change something. That's great. I mean as we kinda wind this down. This has been a fascinating kind of look into the you your history your family kind of how. You're carving your path in here as well. I guess one last question. I'll have for years. Were there any unforeseen hurdles when you started getting into this that that you have crossed this point hydraulic pump pal pumps in palacio de right. You know i. I'd say there's been opportunities to to improve and you know the the biggest hurdle i think that we faced was Really trying to figure out. Do we have enough whiskey because once it wants. The the first reviews started rolling in and we got ninety. Four points in the tasting panel and We we've just been collecting some some really nice feedback. It's kind of like oh great We're growing and it's like the good news. Is you grow on the bad news is you're growing so where you're gonna find the money to to keep going and and so i think just like any business It's it's managing your growth and so it's a great problem to have It's but it's it's certainly a hurdle. Because i don't want to grow this thing too quickly and in bomb twenty states with our product because again it's it's me and one other guy and then You know the two of us are are the face of the brand. And i don't want somebody that hasn't helped me load the barrel in the barge out there talking about our product because You know they don't have that physical connection with it so that's Probably a long winded answer but it. It's really just about. How do you control growth. Thought it was great and hank fake. Thank you again for coming on. If people wanna know more about you about your whiskey. How do they follow you. And how did they find it. Sure so the ingraham whiskey dot com. You can go on there and recommend folks. Check out our process page. If you wanna learn more about the actual process we we have a real time hydrographic on their where we track the rise and follow the river. And you can see you know what's been the highest stage the lowest stage. How much are barge moved moved cumulatively of over the year and so you know some stuff for folks to nerd out on what will update that with the additional features as as we go forward but Instagram ingram whiskey. Facebook ingram whiskey. And if you're out in in ballard county and and when it comes to to wickliffe give us a year. 'cause we're still working on on you know making sure that everything's cove safe and whatnot but we'd love to take folks through at the right time and endure barge and and show them what we're doing we'll come. We'll get our sea legs on your see what's going on out there. What will call. We're loading our next batch of whiskey hopefully in one in march and one june. I've got extra life vest if you need them. Cheers thinking can hang. Make sure you follow ingram whiskey on all the socialist also follow pursuit on all the social and make sure you subscribe to us wherever you get your podcast including youtube cheers. Everybody and we'll see you all next week..

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