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Difficult because of how impactful he's been for the U.S. miss nationally we've already a goal and assist, right? So you would assume it would be very difficult because they're not a high scoring team as Casey just mentioned, especially against elevated competition. Please explain something to me. Please, please. Where's gill sharina? Where is Gio rayna? I'll be honest with you. I have no clue. I mean, I'm watching some of the substitutions and particularly as Iran gets more and more of the ball. You're thinking, okay, where's that guy that can hold the ball up? Skate pass two or three defenders. Keep possession down on the corner, win a throw in, do stuff like that. I mean, that's clearly one of Georgia's biggest strengths. And I don't know what's going on. We obviously knew there was a bunch of craziness that happened after the first game. I hope there wasn't a locker room situation or something like that because it is probably the most confounding thing with the success of the team so far in this World Cup is that giovanna is only played 7 minutes of that. And it'll be interesting to see how that goes forward, but look, coaches make difficult decisions all the time. And decisions in the end depend then on how you're looked at as a coach if your decisions are successful. Well, the goal for Greg berhalter was to get out of the first round, see who the next opponent was going to be, have a good performance and go from there. And he's accomplished exactly what he came into accomplish regardless that a lot of us or let's just say most of us are scratching our head why Gio reyna hasn't had more game time. G arena, Brendan aronson, the fans are screaming for both of them. If Christian Pulisic out, at least to Casey's point, that's probably the spot on this team where you've got the most depth and you vent very are likely to see. Probably an aronson in the starting lineup, and that brain would move up as one of those next guys off the bench. Casey, you mentioned Greg berhalter, getting the job done. There's a big discussion about whether he's the coach to take this team to 2026. Now that he's gotten them, out of the group phase and into the round of 16 and playing the way that they did over these three games has he done enough for you to get those next four years for the 2026 World Cup that we know will be held primarily in the United States. Well, it's really difficult to achieve your goal and then not say you're the right guy. That seems a bit harsh. But there's also a thought process of how difficult it is to repeat the task at hand. Very, very few managers have been successful in staying at the job for the kind of for the second go round. And the question mark will be. You know, I know you guys know Greg and I are good friends and, you know, Greg and I had some discussions, you know, when he took the national team

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