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With the national fair housing alliance. Now, the second woman has accused the Lieutenant governor Virginia Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. Correspondent Ryan nobles reports. Thirty nine year old Meredith Watson says Fairfax raped her nineteen years ago, he alleges that back in two thousand when both she and Justin. Fairfax were students at Duke University are Justin Fairfax raped her. And she says in a separate statement that she believes it Fairfax specifically targeted her because she was a prior rape victim. And that she wouldn't go to the authorities or tell anyone about it because she hadn't done it. The first time that she had been raided increasingly looks like congress is going to provide one point six billion dollars for physical barriers along the southern border. Not the five point seven billion dollars. President Trump has been demanding. Mr. Trump is a healthy. Seventy two year old man is Dr Shawn calmly said yesterday, the president is in very good health, and is likely to remain so for the duration of his presidency and beyond. I'm Christopher cruise. And I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters. It sounds like a made for Masan movie. But it's not founder Jeff Bezos said a challenging week the details of which are lurid and fascinating at the same time graphic photos blackmail threats a private investigator hired to unearth leaks conspiracy theories of a connection to the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi. And now the Washington Post which bays owns said. Amazon was considering withdrawing plans to expand in New York City due to politicians denouncing the deal gift. Shop operator things remembered partly owned by private equity giant K has filed for bankruptcy. The story from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. It will close the majority of its mall based outlets sell the rest and give it to hourly employees are raise. If they stay to help get it done the retailer has closed more than two hundred stores in the last few years as it tried to survive the rise of. Online shopping and falling mall. Traffic the chain has four hundred stores in forty three states and Canada. Charlie pellett. Bloomberg radio. Axios says reporting that WalMart has launched a private label furniture brand. Bloomberg's Courtney Donohoe has more the line is called modern the WalMart. Venture features six hundred fifty products ranging from sofas to dinner where there will be three collections. Retro glam refined industrial and Scandinavian minimal. It's a direct hit two big furniture retailers like Wayfair, and I and it's a challenge to Amazon, which is also digging its heels into private label products. According to Donohoe bloombergradio Honda will recall over one hundred thousand model year two thousand seventeen to twenty nine thousand nine Honda ridgeline pickup trucks in two thousand fourteen to twenty nineteen accurate models this to inspect and replace fuel pumps. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and ticked up on Twitter. Powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg..

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