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Threat hall seems like he would have been a blast to have all the lake bread how's the type of guy probably you had to have yet for up a little he probably has malta's little chirpy make even a few scraps seattle but he'll be like chirpin you too it'll be hilarious or keith handle i just think a great bodies i want to go in chicago with no derek sanderson's agree on any other like legendary hockey guys mess i think mess had some good diet help me out linda buyers these targets cuts mexico i said all right i taylor andrew aside do hockey guys tend to cross other sports in gas beers with other athletes example mlb nfl nba and do you guys essentially have any good stories not i i never really hung o with many other athletes a new a couple times he played golf emilia meet people actually if you remember jeff read john reid was he was use the kicker for a couple of years in all in pittsburgh and he would go he was like the man for a couple of years it was kind of a quick stayed and in and out of the league for jeffrey but he was the man he would get sold banged up at that penguins games he'd have a if you gotta you gotta goolam he had a yellowhaired like blonde fuck in mohawk or blow allow and he would just be out every night ripped put it out there who who's he'd he'd getting like fights the penguins games and journalism pab maxx and it was it was like this guy was like a sounded is crazies pat maxi i just don't know if he has the.

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