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Big boy's neighborhood. All right now we're talking about their wedding handles video right where women went into targets. Older guy after two years of being engaged if you don't marry me today, this is over. She walked in with bridesmaids. He walked in with the pastor gave him the ultimatum. If you don't marry me today that it is over, so ladies asked you to hit us up. 662468926624689 to 3 to get an ultimatum worked for you. Would you like to go ahead and do your ultimatum today? This bring Andrea Intothe was going down with RIA Ria. Hello. Hello there. Dre Dre, have you using Oh tomato I sure have alright here now. And who did you use the ultimatum on my husband, Tyler. Okay. Husband, Tyler was in the ultimatum of you need to marry me. Or else? Yes, Itwas I meant him over my birthday weekend seven years ago, and he was here only got back from being deployed. And he's seven years younger than me. So I said, Look, I have very you want to get married that you don't already have a kid. I'm not tryingto keep playing the game. So either we get married or not? He asked me to marry him. Oversight. I said No. He came to California and I picked him up from l A X that weekend of August 30th year We got married already. So hollow y'all together when you when you gave him the ultimatum. Two weeks. Okay? My bag, You know, understand what I'm saying here. I was seeing how long were you together.

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