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Obviously for you, you win what four straight and before. You can call this Easter big success. Is there any way to approach a term or like this other than here's a game we'll worry about the next game after that? Yeah, no, I mean, one game at a time obviously for us. We got a long way to go to get where we want in terms of making the tournament now. With what's happening over the past couple of weeks. But with that being said, we beat this team a couple of weeks ago or a month or two ago. And if we get that one, then we get a crack at Alabama. Anything can happen. My first year as an assistant in this league back with Bruce, and here's first year, we were not very good. And we won three games in the SEC tournament before losing to Kentucky in the semifinals. So I've been a part of something where some crazy things have happened and we're hoping to do something similar this week. You mentioned Bruce and everyone's associate with various coaches throughout their career. Here certainly he certainly the one that we know the best. In the SEC, how did that relationship begin? You know what? I played with his son Steven on a USA macabre team, the Jewish Olympics, so to speak. And Bruce came out to our training camp back in 2006. I was a junior at saint Mary's college at the time. And that's when I first met him and then he coached me in 2009 when I was playing point guard for him on the USA macabre team in Israel. And that's really where our relationship really grew. And when he got back into auburn, he brought me down from Columbia. And it's been a pretty crazy 8 years since then. I know I'll probably be the last person to mention this because I'm sure others have but Columbia auburn is a rather strange Utah. You know, I had taken care of my high academic low major basketball wanted to go to the high major level. And then obviously being a San Francisco is kind of a great blend of both, but I've definitely been able to be do a couple different unique places over the course of my career. Yeah, upper Manhattan to Lee county. I don't think there's a direct flight from Laguardia. That's definitely not. Now Bruce had to pick me up in Atlanta and drive me down there. That's for sure. In terms of that relationship,

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