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Credible to think of what those people pulled off eight created an airport they created a two story mall hospitals all kinds of jobs homes the dams everything i mean when she was talking i'm sorry because i didn't know was talking about shoes like we literally brought this land back to life she was like this while back i mean it was undeniable and that's the part as say that as much as i'm struggling i still see the beauty the beauty in what the intention was is just what humans are gonna human and whatever there's power wherever there's massive change like this something always gets fucked up because eagle always gets in the way it never fails because honestly that initial part of the commune was great fascinating like i was like the dishes that humans can do if they put their mind to it and then they have architects they had lawyers so they will cover it on all grounds all bases madonna up there at one point the hollywood scene yeses and she she eventually became the girl yeah like she was the wife of the guy that directed the godfather when the hollywood's came in and you know in that was a turning point because even sheila she was so fearful when the hollywood people who obviously are going to start being drawn to this new city that like what is this you guys created this from scratch and sheila was saying that she was fearful because she knew that if osho started seeing what hollywood brings in the form of material wealth like the cars the rose voices the rolexes trips drugs which is what hollywood represents she was like i knew he was gonna want it and that was a mind fuck in that moment when thing i will say about osho from his studies that are always was aware of and what actually drew me to him i have to be transparent is that he was nah.

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