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Welcome to another edition of establishing shot. We are back back from the from from where if we bed. We've we've attack. Oh my goodness we were just like in an Igloo. Big Lou somewhere we've just disappeared for a while we apologize to our loyal listeners. If you've been waiting to find out what happened in January and what happened in February debartolo loop forming arts center because we just kind of stopped talking about it I guess but this shot. It's been reestablished right now where This is our this is our relaunch soft relaunch of the podcast and it's a bittersweet soft relaunch. Because I am here. Ted Barron Executive Director of the bartle forming coming are performing arts center with my colleague by after qualify. Because they have to keep going with the qualifiers. My amazed. You're qualified the qualified colleague. I was GonNa give you something better than that. Qualify Call. Even though he's not a ricky Taylor Ricky. Hi Dr Bernard. Ricky Herbs is our cinema program director Sir and joining us for. What may be the last time ever? Don't even do this. She's leaving us. Paulette Curtis Who Many of you remember from our September I think podcast maybe somewhere somewhere back in the fall back when we were doing. This monthly Paulette is leaving the University of Notre Tame to go to the wilds of Columbus Ohio to find a new life for herself. But we're glad to have her back. Hello Paulette thank you. And it's great to be back Ted and Ricky I. I realized I didn't. I didn't pull up your Your title but it doesn't matter anymore doesn't really matter. She had that Notre Dame she had many titles and they were all interesting in prestigious out proceeded with formerly. Write a few checks down on the CV so so anyway so we're very grateful to have polit here. We're going to miss her terribly because she was one of our favorite people in the world to talk about to talk to about movies. Especially when new stuff comes out ricky and I always say what's what is pollen gotta get gotTa get that hot takes so we'll arbiter pollock. We're going to have to survive. Yeah when when Captain Marvel finally hits theaters. Oh we're going to be on our own. We're no we'll while find you find you find. That's right thank Joe. Saint you run to Columbus Columbus. That's right that's right so okay. So we're we're gonNA talk about what's happening in March outside of Captain Marvel because you know there are other things happening Ricky what can you tell us about March two thousand in nineteen at the Browning cinema. Well it's very busy As we know every October and March even though we do go on break in this case of spring break. The brining cinema does stay open and on either under that we have our full programming So a pretty busy lineup. During March We have a lot. I have new titles with the kind of the Slough of award season. We have a lot of new films that we WANNA show and March tends to be. Were they call us So we can run through those We're starting the month with a film. Mexico called Museo. We are GONNA show this originally and then it got rescheduled Bob Because of the polar vortex so this is a film strain Kyle Garcia Bernal and it's a docudrama of an actual event and In the mid nineteen eighties the Anthropology Museum Mexico City what had a huge art heist where particularly Native Artifacts Mayan Mayan and asset artifacts were stolen and they thought the KGB. Maybe did it or some major are syndicate cabal. Um I just happen to be a couple of kind of like grungy veterinary students. So this tells the story of their highest and then what they did with the loot. Because who's going to buy things. That are literally irreplaceable and impossible the value. So it's like the Mexican Mexican American animals very much so yes I mean. He's called Mexican animals. They were but it is. It is very very similar impact. I'm sure there is a quick and dirty conference paper on the new art heist film and how it's An who it's going to and who is being throw actually you could kind of throw in. Can you ever forgive me. Maybe with the whole the whole fraud of general yeah yeah within the collectibles world. It's which is which I recommend is actually a good film. Also just noticing Gal seems to be a big into period pieces set in the eighties his thing when they need to go back to what we think. Ah I th I think of his recent events. He's kind of the go-to right. Yeah it's funny. 'cause the film doesn't really try that hard. I mean I'm sure there's a lot of effort put into it. But but at front-load a lot of the establishing of the fact that it's eighty S. He's a Rubik's cube and Atari real light. That was it was the idea or eighties. Okay where's the beef. Oh okay so we're GONNA. We're moving from Matt to another film. Another foreign film is is about young age on Weei and life purpose This is coming. How France with an American expert expert I think so director Dennis Cooper and he's a writer who acquire writer from the eighties and nineties? WHO's made a couple of films now? And this is this follows. A I think he's at the end of highschool or roughly. Let's say an eighteen year old boy who really can't see how life should end becomes very fascinated with his own death uh-huh and the spectacle that should or should not produce and how it will be viewed by is friends and so it takes up the really heavy topic of teenage teenage suicide and mortality and people who stare at that brink it does so with some humor and a lot of intelligence and I really don't don't know how it's going to go over that'd be. It's an unusual cooper he has. He's only directed a few films right. It's like hell tour glow Was the one that that I was thinking. Yeah of which was way wilder. This is much more narrative based and Quiet and more pictorial sound And then we are showing CAIRN which people might have seen from the Oscars are are going to be playing before this podcast goes out. I think when it was it was it was a wonderful surprise to win. Best Foreign Language. Sorry Romo sorry sorry. Cold War So this is the film out of Lebanon. And it's about a streetwise kid Who's twelve and he Decides to take his family to court for the crime of Birmingham being him. Bring him into the world so feels very Iranian in that regard about kid and also and also bringing in the courts arts. Is there any tongue in cheek. nece to this or a pretty little more. No realist here. It's tough the tough movie Not to say there aren't moments of levity and but for the most part it's a pretty heavy foam and I think that I think though that People would really enjoy if they if they think. Well I mean I would say amidst the Oscars this year. I think one of the the foreign language categories pretty solid. Because you've got this you've got shoplifters people people really liked yeah jazz jazz about Cold War which we haven't I haven't seen yet and then of course Roma Forgetting oh the German. The German film which is go. Look there don't look who cares. It's the guy who did the lives of others which a- Ah Love Reading New Yorker profile on him so yeah it's great. I mean tour accenture accenture. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. He did not remember the Johnny Depp. Do that was bizarrely strangely. Not Good Anyway. Okay so yeah. It's a good it's a but it's it's other than maybe his films. Okay but the other four are definitely solid contenders issue And we're GONNA do you. Were going to split the weekend with Cappon and a new film in America called blind spotting This is a film about I the way I've been putting his roughly like gentrification and the The police say and how to come together and volatile areas like Oakland Oakland California. I think it's a very good film for South Bend to be watching now Not only to be clued into a larger national discussion but to I also realize that these things can happen in south. Bend are happy and southbound and we'll be happening. I think with greater frequency in the area. So it's decide it's a very important filming Obama's list of best films of the year. I didn't see that. Oh yeah and it has one of the cast of Hamilton Etan Digs. Yeah W. thing I I wanna say like dubbed I think it is I heard Who ooh Great great career choices by him. Yup Smart the Lance Armstrong Hbo. Oh I didn't know that the doping wine fine Kimmy Schmidt some great choices another Oscar nominee coming up. This is the week of spring break. We have a run of Free Solo. Hello this is documentary nominee and four. Best Dark Mary Yep win. It might win so actually I. I have a weird thought because it has a very come back to this man on wire. Yeah and I think our BG probably descending anyway Yup So this is a documentary about Alex huddled who climbs the three thousand Al Capi Tan. For those of you who aren't Geagea a geologist or somebody park goers this a flat faced rock structure monolith that he climbed with no how met no nets no harnesses ropes. No protective career. Just him and the Rock which is insane insane heights issues I have I have I wanna web issues live. Evidently I mean yeah I don't I don't really like heights but I really really don't like the idea of just hanging out. Three thousand feet in the air with nothing to support you. So you've are. Is there a spoiler in there. It says climbed past ten so he evidently lived yes. He makes a documentary. No actually I didn't attempt to climb I keep. Ah Yeah but I don't think if it were out there so does it at all explorer. You know the not death swish but certainly this desire to push oneself. If you're in a comfortable sort of situation people who feel like a lack of meaning to life or often ones who are into sports like this or do things like this as does the film explore any of that or I think it gets that in some ways is how oh the that drive kind of me. Think of Roger Bannister underneath four minutes. How it's becoming so much much more elaborate to become the person who climbed copy so there's been an uptick in death of people are climbing because they're trying to do it for speed and break these as world records and so I think there does critique the acceleration at which people are trying to be the most extreme ever with whatever that might be so? That's in there. Yeah it's interesting. Yeah other than that. It's more armchair. Freud Yeah Tim Tim climbing for a long time. So there's plenty of time to think about after that when we get back from break We have new film by Ricky Ambrose along with some of his short art films. Because it's a sixty minute feature called notes on an appearance this is this is this is heavily risconsin. East Coast. Art Film. World has work. Yeah curious it feels very much it has it has a certain Rica Manhattan to it. Okay Brooklyn S. Manhattan. Oh It's Manhattan. I would say I don't know the guy I mean. Different things are different now. We don't say that we say I. I knew I don't have it yet. You don't do okay all right. So yeah but he's so. Where is he ben? I mean is he just kind of his up and showing in Lake experimental festivals. Or is it. Is it more narrative. Based it's this one is loosely narrative. But it's it's some people who there's a reclusive scholar and people on the search for him and I forgot why he disappeared. What's going around? And so it's about about that journey I think he's been This is this is grasshopper so it's not like he's yeah. Yeah UNSEE scene but Yeah he's he's done general festival things but this wasn't at Toronto or anything. I don't think I would doubt it. I was just curious where he comes from because they just again. I'm not as familiar with them. In a short films are nice to so we'll show that and see if it hits an audience. I think that in permanent green in life are similar wavelength. Okay after that we are showing on the basis of sex. This is the Bio pic doc about Ruth Bader Ginsburg a supreme court justice in the United States Supreme Court We're doing this with the law school as part of their her students weekend and it's open to the public as well. We'll have a discussion about her life and times and a lot of accents other big accent. Is that your recommendation for the film. I haven't seen it yet but I just know in the trailer. It's Felicity Jones who has the loveliest little British accent due in Brooklyn. So just be ready for that and it's armie Hammer who is a man. One of many. He's a tall..

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