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The People Adulation ships with their dad. Nine Meghan no I know I know I guess so. I think the Elephant Listen Dolphin. Documentaries are the pinnacle of the documentary world. What's he does here at the document? Dairy that's not. That's not how you say that word. It's also like I heard. I haven't watched the elephant documentary. Heard that Megan's narration was critically panned. It was didn't go over. Well which now is like thinking about it if you're narration of documentary is the worst part of that documentary are people not just saying like we hate how your voice sounds we hate out you reword young which like. I get being a podcast I've got many. I hate comment about my annoying voice. Yeah I don't know I heard mixed reviews. It didn't like really. I got the attention like it was like in and out of the news cycles within hours so like it must have not been that great. I watched like a trailer. I think she sounds Nice. I don't know doesn't doesn't look great when you're like a retired actress though into your like you like kind of dip your toes back into that. Those waters and like doesn't land doesn't land with the common folk. Yeah Yeah I. I don't know I really tonight. The voice stuff is like really annoying hot. Take though I should become a audiobook reader. What what animal documentary would you narrate? I'm going to go with your my pitches mere cat. Yeah Okay your cat documentary Do people care about those though. Everyone loves me or cats. Okay cool do you think that it's also? All the animal documentaries are like wild animals like I wanna see a squirrel documentary. I want you to narrate the squirrel documentary absolutely absa frequently. I when I when I used to work in an office and had a window On like some greenspace I had a pet chipmunk squirrel chippy also difference between squirrels and chipmunks. That doesn't bode well for your documentary. I don't know what I also don't know that. Okay you know. And I know or don't know the difference between Mennonite Amish and Mormon Mormon yeah and I don't care to find out no disrespect to the knowledge. That are big. Amish population. Yeah one hundred percents vinyl. I could see okay if if the mere cat. Doc is making me like America's sweetheart Sure it you know. All those documentary narrators. That's the next progression is documentary narrator. America's sweetheart per game like when need be fun if I narrated people are listening are just like absolutely not here to stand. Another minute podcast. But wouldn't it be like very cute? I like a fun young adult novel or something and then like what if I did like some side commentary like do should I start a new podcast? Where just me reading out probably twilight you give him the hot takes? You can definitely see how that goes for you. Okay Okay Cool. Anyways back to the royals talk has got me heated. Here's another point why I think that make interior just inconsequential now that story. Where all those text messages were released. The biggest thing to come out of that was the way that Harry texts. Kimberly that was the biggest thing. And if that's the biggest thing is that he uses the letter you instead of writing out while you and embalming the people at his nation we wish we would. Yeah Oh my God okay no it. The people like Saint Luke's or whatever the fuck is the private school that raised him was. Okay okay. I'm China go back in my the crown alright. Viewing of that like Saint. Luke's personally like you go to the same one that Prince Charleston William did too because it's like super famous. I don't know what it's called won't look it up but I remember the episode. The teachers at Saint Luke's are rolling in the Fuckin- graves. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah type with a yield like honestly. Do you think it's a British thing though Dino Win I'm thinking back to like the Daily Mail stories that I've read with text messages from British people and you know how they always do like X. X. On the end of their text messages you think that's just a British thing like everyone in England texts. You the letter instead of the word. Yeah I actually think that that might be a thing like I feel like also is. How can you do that at the age that you are? I used to like that like in high school. Maybe even college. I don't remember but like as soon as you have a real job and stuff like that. You really can't continue to also if you're trying to take your heated text discussion like with your estranged father in law. Are you not writing out every single word like are you not writing with perfect syntax doubt? Oh absolutely because there's nothing that you could say like. I want to leave no room for you to come out and vote. If Megan's dodd was just like just like you and Mike while you were like sunny like you know like the differences between your and come back just like Asterix my guide but yeah that was like also the other thing not just the typing with you. Because I won't look at him the same again but when he was like high again. I don't know the dad's name Mark Merck Markle. That's him that's him. Now it's like randy.

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