Rod Rosenstein, Clinton, Joe January discussed on The Dan Bongino Show


What i've been telling you the entire time is that the russians engaged in what we call there in the nuclear era cold war with the russians with the soviets at the time excuse me mutually assured destruction this is mutually assured intelligence destruction the russians messed with everybody they screwed realestate should pay for it i said at the other day on the show we should pay them back but can we finally finally put to bed this idea that the russians colluded with the trump team to alter this electoral result and by the way i mean it goes on a bit here let me read you some more this is from rod rosenstein folks in case you're saying well who were these coconspirators were americans involved with the trump team who were helping them this is from rod rosenstein himself during the press conference there is no allegation in this indictment there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity meaning there was no tide of the trump campaign or any other campaigned for these activities as my buddy says here folks the russians were pushing proclinton ads protrump heads anti clinton ants anti trump ends because this is what the russians do they engage in chaos theory that they want to cause chaos so they can come back and fill in a whole what part of this you missing and yet so now joe january of 2016 no collusion evidence february of 2016 no collusion let skip to august no collusion september no collusion october november december no collusion january of 2017 no collusion there's still no collusion january twenty.

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