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He's just I don't want to get crazy and say like a once in a generation type talent, But he's all that I really expected more out of him and his team yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn't talk about or hear them very much because they didn't really do very much manufacturers get behind their teams. We see manufacturers flex their muscle. That's fast talk right here on prn. Yet you're short track racing. Fix with prn at the track, visit dough prn dot com. Now more of the O. Reilly, auto parts pit reporter. Hey, welcome back, along with Jordan Bianchi from the athletic and also time jets from the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Brad McMillan. Glad to have you with us. And over the weekend, Jordan broke a story with the NASCAR is deep into conversations with the folks at the Los Angeles Coliseum about having the Bush clash. Out there this year at a track they're going to construct inside the L A Coliseum. It's good for those of you that have been a Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem. It's just a flat track that runs around the outside the football field and You're hearing that this may be the Bush clash next year. Yeah, I mean, it's going to be if this comes through and like I said in the report, all this is close to being finalized or it is being finalized. And it is expected that this going to happen. You know, we don't until pen meets paper and announce you don't know. But the expectation is that NASCAR is going to open its season of daily calcium and like you said, it's basically Bowman Gray Stadium, and that is a historic NASCAR track. They've raised up there for decades and decades going back to the late forties. And you just build a basically to be like a quarter to a third of a mile racetrack around a football stadium. It's going to be paved. Um, it's because it's the class. You're not going to have a full field. You don't have to worry about 40 cars. You won't have to worry about live pit stops, which you won't be able to have in this kind of format and this kind of track so The idea is you go to Southern California and the number two media market in this country. You put on this made for TV event, um, with all your top drivers and basically say, Go out there and race for big prize. Don't worry about points. Don't worry about anything else. And if you guys slam and bang into each other cool, great, It'll be good for TV. I like the idea. I like the concept. I think I think it's an opportunity to build some hype and some excitement for the day 2500 which if this comes to fruition, as we expect would be two weeks after this event. Tom. What do you think about it? Because Jordan. Another thing Jordan's hearing is they'll use This year's car, the 2021 car instead of the next more than likely, not 100%. The teams have push back on that a little bit. That would seem to make a lot of sense because those cars aren't going to be worth anything after this year anyway. You know, But when I hear about an event like this, the one thing I keep thinking about and you guys have probably heard Richard Children say this. As much as I have. He used to say to Earnhardt all the time. Bring me the trophy. You bring me the steering wheel and this is that kind of event. I think it has the potential to be great fun. I think it's got to be framed as fun and not, and that's why it's good if it happens as a non points race, because you can make it entertainment and not You know, this is this is for a spot in the playoffs. You No, no, no, no, Let's just go and have fun. Yeah, well, the cool thing is, I mean, we know NASCAR has run years and years and years ago Soldier Field Chicago, So we've We've seen this done before. Like you, said Bowman Gray Stadium went to Salem, which is running inside a football field. Or a sign of football stadium that inside the field. Sometimes those cars get sideways. They do. See I've been up there a few times I've seen. I've seen that happen. But this is a legendary facility. This is hosted. You know, two Olympics and Super Bowls and I mean, this is this is a well known venue. This is a one of the most well known venues. It's not Madison Square Garden, but it's in that realm, and it is an iconic venue in a major city. You know, it's in Fox Sports backyard, which I don't think you can overlook that component of this as well. You know, Fox is having a hand in this kind of thing. Fox Sports had a hand in Bristol becoming a dirt track last year, they wanted a dirt track on the schedule. They said. Why not do it at Bristol? Lo and behold, Guess what we had this year. So this is NASCAR listening to its television partner wanted to create. It goes back to our conversation earlier about the momentum and getting excitement. This is going to have people talking and I think at the end, I think the product on the racetrack is gonna be good enough where people are like. Is this cool? They want more short tracks. Well, guess what We're giving them to you. And we're giving to you in a format at a race track that is unique in a in a format that is going to induce full contact racing and hurt feelings into angry tempers on Tom for those that aren't aware of the Los Angeles geography. Yeah, This is this is right in downtown Los Angeles, basically, as opposed to Fontana, which is What 40 miles to the west to the east E 40 or 50 Miles to the east of downtown Los Angeles. Yet it's still metropolitan Los Angeles But yeah, these two facilities are pretty far apart. Oh, yeah, they're very far apart. And I like the idea of an exhibition race because you can do some fun things. You know, one of the things that I've always liked about when they did the truck race at old Dora. Is doing the you know the qualifying heats and maybe they can do even with 20 cars. Maybe they do four heats of five cars or five heats of four cars. Let me just spitballing that idea here because you've got to figure out how you're going to do this format and you want all of your big name drivers there, so I don't think you may see a just we're going to have. It's just gonna be the pole sitters in the year before. It might be a thing where you go to the er to and say if you own a charter We want you in this race and you take 36 cars. You divide them up into two heats. You take the top 10 from each heat. You got 20 right there, so 36 to 20. And then you have a couple of races. You making a TV event to heat races? Maybe a last chance Even you can do like Tom said. You can do some hooligan race. We haven't had one of those and for Norm, betting man, remember the fourth or those kind of moments, though, that people still talk about a driver, giving another driver the middle finger on national TV because he missed out on the main event..

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