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You cope with that that and it ended can expand your your life and enrich your life in so many ways if you're willing and able to work through it and move forward. Yeah yeah i think especially important thing to say about will if that is near that point acceptances new. I guess what takes the time that i remember doing put cast just off the first look. Everywhere started akin april march april. Last year was talking to a counselor and she was saying you know where we're at the point where everyone just needs to focus on accepting where we are because this is just so enormous indifferent it will take time to you know Undestand and get to the point that we can say okay. I can accept that. This is where i am announced accepted. I can stop meeting on. Doesn't mean great. You enjoy it you love. It just means that you recognize that. Actually you can't change this big pandemic but you can change the way you react to it. usc to spice as you were just talking about earlier and choosing spent time and taking some control for that So yeah i can see how that will fit together with that. Does that make that fit with what you were saying. Absolutely and you know it's also important to remember that everyone's different and watching someone else. Adapt and Positive way seems unreachable to you you. We shouldn't compare ourselves to others. We can take inspiration from them but we all have to do this in our own way and right now in the last four months i've worked with over fifty women around the world who are making kinds of changes during a pandemic during a recession in the face of job loss even laughter losing individuals. They love and so they were ready. You know they were ready to take control and they did it in very some very big sweeping way slide starting a business or even more ways like changing their ideas about what happened to them and how they want to tell their story and move forward so everybody does it in it in it at a different pace but don't.

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