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Let's mom. Scan. Is it? Now. This. So I think the first thing you have to do is explain to people who in the first time you had a mad dog Margarita and just one one. What is? I I don't think I ever had a mad dog Margaritas. Never Margarita guy when I drank too key Keila pretty much trying to what it does. I bought lots of girls Margaritas, but I never drank on myself and the mad dog one is is like a or something, right? It's not it's thing thing at the parlor bar. The chili that Texas chili parlor happens to be in the same building right next door to what was was originally. Rod Kennedy's checkered flag, which was the folk club in Austin in the sixties the guy that founded the Curva folk festivals club. And then that became castle creek, and sort of a high of the cosmic Kabbay thing in the seventies. I spent my twenty first birthday playing bass for guy Clark castle creek the last night of six nightstand. When old number one came out, and the chili parlor was always the guy when the first places guy went when he went when it got all did you ever become his bass player, you news music? I soon be twenty. No, I knew about guy because I I left Santoni. Oh, when she Houston, and you know, Jerry Jeff Walker had recorded LA freeway that all-time Phelan and then eventually desperados waiting for trying. And but even before that when I got on my own I went to Houston..

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