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Hello, Debbie. Hello, John still dealing with the delay on 43 south bound right about it to Self Hampton Avenue. We have an accident that's on the left shoulder on slowing down to get past it right now. Travel times, clocking in at 19 minutes between ground here and the markets seven extra. Also 41 south found the debris on the ramp to get onto west on 94 really been causing some headaches. Right now We're just getting back to a normal ish level. 16 minutes to get from highway Q To the zoo and change westbound 94 downtown, the highway 16 will be 17 minutes eastbound side looking good as well at 17. 43 94 South bound downtown Layton Avenue, seventh traffic and weather together on the tens on M J hello dot com. Could've UT M J five Day forecast tonight. Clear Cool alone. 42 tomorrow Sonny Cool. A high of 60 Saturday Sunny high of 60 for Sunday. Sonny, a high of 70 and on Monday mostly sunny high of 73 degrees. Milwaukee is currently 58 Big 10 returns. Melissa likes jelly bellies and the president's back in Wisconsin. Here's what you missed on Today's show. It's the Wisconsin's afternoon. Recap. You left these jelly bellies over here about what's going on is show buttered popcorn jelly bellies. That was the one flavor that I just really liked. And we got a sweet note from one of our listeners in Nina. Mary Florrick sent me two bags of jelly belly jelly. Go is the only candy where you could get away with it obscure flavor like If you came out with pork ice cream, nobody would touch it. If.

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