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To the indianapolis star dot com dockets. I assume i won't be back at espn and it wasn't anything with espn. Who was just me saying. I gotta assume. I can't i can't change what i can't change. I can just do my job. And it was just literally and i've had so many people say was taken out of context now. I don't know what i set. Truthfully because as you said i go three hours. I don't know that was literally this much of congress literally monte. Because i was talking about six graders like this is a man. Slick get this out to. This is a man that literally south. He told me this one time he said dad. I barged into the board of governors meeting the owners meeting to they were not going to let the pacers into the nba. He barged into me. He said i'll never forget. He said i acted like an ass to get in and acted like gentlemen once. I got it and he had a presentation. However you did it in the early seventies and got the pacers into the ab me into the nba. They were not want to be in there. Now here's an listen to this. You will not believe this in nineteen seventy seven. The pacers were leaving india. So you know what slick and his wife nancy did. They started a telephone. Can you believe like the jerry. Lewis telethon thought. The entire community of indianapolis came out. And just like the old jerry. Lewis phones in the background. Hey well donate ten bucks all donate whatever and he saved the pace this man. He won a national championship. Made the game. Winning fritos dean smith fouled him in one thousand nine hundred fifty three in the anniversaries. Kansas missed. the i said something. Warm was running down his leg made the second goes from their plays. Eight years in the nba becomes a coaching pacers. Wins three aba. Championships gets the pacers into the nba and saves them with a telephone and then becomes their beloved broadcast any dirt. My show and i you know to norby an leader. I apologize anyway embarrassing. I feel terrible about it. It was a throwaway line and he got like brought into a big deal and like so. I'm wearing my spn. taylor. I've got a question for you. Is there any reason why your the laundry room. Well yes if you must know. This is my wife's office my wife. Lovely lee ross is down dockage. I always forget that she's married to now. She's downstairs doing. She's doing the maryland. Michigan game for big ten network. So she's on coaches calls downstairs. Where i normally would be my stepdaughter teague. Home from. Harvard is sleeping upstairs. So i'm her office in the laundry room. I was just a good look by the way lisa wash. I mean it's a. It's a good luck. I mean i i notice the big thing of detergent. I can relate to her. Only you always you only you could could do the show in larger and and pulled off matt. Everyone could pull off but end very very soft hands on the wedge coming in. That's like the misconception. Dan doctors golf game. Everyone that will be exposed. Doesn't need a very big good at the iron sits down into the ball with the iron range but What he does do very feathery round agreements. Very feathery been lifting. I've been on nautilus. I'm ready to hit the ball. Lost weight melting away. I think we're going to have coach beard joints so before coach. Beer gets on. Tommy malate arizona. A lot of people thought you know maybe go by the way of north carolina. You david maybe miles. Simon and maybe you know maybe a damon stoudamire maybe go by indiana. Obviously mike woodson do you think arizona needed an arizona man especially coming off what they're going to have to deal with in terms of. Ncwa play or do you think. Tommy loyd who's part of the architect of gonzaga basketball and quality people that hadn't program to success had Good har har. I'd like i don. I don't radars. i did tweet. I want to get this off my chest. I hate when a guy gets a job. Hasn't even the ink contractors even dry out the greatest howard. That's all that stuff like it takes time guy. A chance to together is to have put together sports f bell. This program develop go through that process and you'll three or four years later. Make a decision but it is amazing to me. We have people that absolutely kill hires and before they even know who the person is a and give him a chance to do his job. It makes no sense to me. It's like grading the draft after you have draft. I mean who knows i. I quit to this every over the last. I don't know how many years here in indiana everybody says what's best recruiting class indiana's ever had cody. Zeller go really. They're better than seventy six undefeated class and he. You just don't know about hires you don't know about recruiting classes until they get there and then you grade them after you see what they do. I think tommy. Lloyd's a fine her. I honestly thought they might go with miles. Simon it's kind of the nba. Juwan howard mike woodson kind of thing. But tommy lloyd who knows the west coast. Who's who's paired to run a big program. You know you can say whatever you want a little school girl. That's still is a major major major program in terms of facilities travel scheduling and all the things including so. I think it's a good heart. I don't know the program well enough and the infrastructure. Well enough to know whether they needed an arizona guy. I felt like indiana did Because of what had transpired the previous twenty years and endanger five senate really well about indiana and arizona needs to do this. I kind of think they dane told me he goes. Hey he goes indiana for twenty one. Years tried to rebrand itself and that was that was interesting to me. I don't know farah zona needs to rebrand itself. Indiana came back to its previous brand. Without having bob knight but having a bob knight guy i know that arizona needs to do that seth but i don't know that they don't we're gonna find out plain and simple you know who doesn't need to rebrand himself. Chris beer here south coach beer. What is going on. You know how this goes through you know what. Hey coach before we get started. I gotta tell you. Huggins looks like west. Virginia head coach. You sound like texas head coach. Jan lord asks her all you sound like texas. He's.

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