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The app sixteen twelve eight forty eight remaining in the second period face off of the colorado zone the jolfa line out for nashville landis gog steps in the circle against handsome so numbers we didn't use to see in this league numbers ninety two opposing each other until joe hansen has osher doubt in arvidsson brought in off taken back behind the colorado goal scramble for it comes back over left side is forced berg got knocked down now the puck bounces off the back of mckinnon skate berry on of the left boards quick pass stop by nemo circles back in the colorado zone thumbs up left wing side at center not the center red gloved and knocked in by becca arena knocking that down over now for forsberg left corner and his pass deflected by ranson ranson had tried to go behind the net on forsberg forsberg then dies to job the puck ahead now here's arvidsson breaking in on gerard arvidsson gerard tied up for the moment there velcro on the board they keep going back and forth at each other hartnell goes hard after the puck in the corner fisher gives it back to hartnell it rolls out to the left point for yosi he'll see too the corner and now the shot coming out from the trapezoid was stopped hart bill got the shot fisher gives it back now it comes left point and the shot by yosi was affectively blocked there by yarn grow mckinnon comes down the left side tried to get the puck over and now the predators converge there they come up ice in a four onto you'll see the shot stop yard groped and that one is covered up just outside the goal line by andrew hammond well by far the best chance that they've had it came on a four on two roman yoshi going why getting the shot tell young crow crashing on that rebound goes off of the left pad and as hammond his sliding across baking that save leaves some of the net open look like gonna get there i think it hit the same patent beautiful save two in a row for the hamburglar robbing yard tro.

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