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I can't remember everyone we interview but anyway we are very very big fans of Jon favreau here and quite rightly so because you know he's the guy behind who swingers an iron man and made the jungle book and chef and are meant to you didn't know that one well no but like I know really want just food. I want food as well chefs such good film gave us either I or someone gave it three stars. It's one of the big regrets it's aged really well but father was career is really interested because he's gone from being the writer and actor who wrote swingers just to get a Gig and then after that he kinda scratched around for the La- bed and showed up in the likes of friends and made some you know deep impact and maybe wasn't really going anywhere as the leading man necessarily so he moved into writing and directing and his career is again fascinating to the likes of made as thorough and cowboys and aliens but also huge gray okay great big joaquin successes he is in many ways along with Kevin Frankie the father of the marvel cinematic universe and continues in that as an actor of course we do discuss that little bit here. You won't be surprised no this interview turns into a Mini Adventures Endgame Game Sports Special Folks but also many spiderman far from home supporters special also so there's little bits of that there but he's back this week as a director of the Lion King which is a ferry faithful remake of the nineteen ninety-four original and we spoke about that we spoke about why he wanted to make this movie and we spoke about the techniques and how his career has has taken different twists and turns and we talked about the failures in his in his career and we talked about the success as well and <hes> had a real blast talking to fives or more accurately being talked at by fives because he is a talker. Maybe one day we'll get him. In for Macquarie Style podcast that would be amazing but here we go here is me talking to Jon. Favreau do please enjoy joy delighted to be joined on the an podcast by the director of the Lion King was Jon Favreau. How are you sir? I'm doing great. This is it. This is your junk it done but it's not can't be it for you right. That's off to Tokyo off to the world. Live enchantment okay yes. You'll be always fun to go to Tokyo. I imagine you must love it. In Tokyo I do and I have lots of people who helped direct me to where I need to check out because every time we go it's another layer the biggest help bisky Romo del Toro. Oh my God yeah because he loves food <HES> HE LOVES KAIJI LOVES GODZILLA allows artwork <hes> so he he knows where all you know he always has a emails full of interesting places from your check out amazing so he's he's. He's guy in the inside so to speak what about here what about here who who tells you where to go here or or you plugged into ready well. I've got you know <hes> Hans Zimmer a bit of a local. You know there's there's a chef world. I'm overlapping the chef world now. He's got now that I've got the chef. Show on <hes> on Netflix I they treat me like a you know like somebody hosted travelogue or or a resident chef so that the chefs treat me very well. It's it's good for fifteen pounds not not not the monetary billion pounds fifteen pounds on the waste. Yes when chefs go around. It's a whole different experience <hes> when when they chefs treat their on like like kings and whenever I've traveled around with with real chefs.

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